Target Find turned into Behavior Management Tool - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Target Find turned into Behavior Management Tool

Unfortunately(my husband may say otherwise), I live in a small enough town that we don't have a Target... so while I was on Spring Break in Charleston--I went 5 times. Oops! I think some other people have posted about these adorable little trashcans (at least that is what I think it was intended for)...but on the LONG drive home yesterday I decided I would use it as a behavior management tool. I decided that I would make little slips of paper that say No Monkey Business Here! that I will hand out to students when I catch them behaving really well. Once they receive the slip they can put it in the monkey. At the end of the week I will draw a name out of the monkey to see who will get to keep this adorable little monkey on his/her desk for the day.

Click here for the container label ---> Bananas for Good Behavior

Google docs is fighting with me right now. It won't show the previews of the documents-- I need your help Queen of all things techy :) Ladybug!

Hope that you can use this in your classroom!

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  1. Great idea!! I bought some of these the other day and wasn't sure what I was going to do with them. I do that I stuff and then try to figure out how to use it! :) I may have to steal your idea. Thanks for the label, too!!

  2. oh, did you find the monkey at Target, too??

  3. Mrs. D- No it's one of the THOUSANDS of stuffed animals that my children have-- I figure they won't miss one- Does that make me a bad mommmy?? :)

  4. Sorry I didn't give you credit for having it on your blog too- I knew I had seen it some where else! Did you click on the actual slips that says No monkey Business here too?

  5. I didn't notice the other link! Thanks!! And, no, you are not a bad mommy! :) I don't have any little ones yet, so I can't steal their toys...yet!

  6. Katie, did they other animals?! I have a webkins lion (we are the layne "lions") and would love to use him like your monkey. Any good puns in your head for that?! haha. :) Love your blog!

  7. Ali- I have a jungle theme but am crazy about lions because of my last name "king" They had elephants, giraffes, and monkeys! I wanted a lion one so badly! You could do something like- "manners fit for a king" with a lion on it.. in fact I love that!

  8. Target is my 'mother-ship'! I recently went there, saw the trash cans and could not think of anything to do with them! Too funny! I love this idea! Thank you so much for sharing. I guess I'll just have to make ANOTHER trip to Target and get one!


  9. Could you use those little trashcans as a math/reading "cruncher"? Put a specific # on a post it note and if the math fact = that number it goes in the can? Or reading- if it has that same blend/sound? If it is a main idea, setting? or whatever other skill you are working on in reading...


  10. If you use the lion you could put something like I'm not "lion"! Your behavior was good enough to roar about! or something like that...I need to get to Target!

  11. I posted about these trash cans too!!! There was also a giraffe and a elephant!;) I bought all 3!! If you'd like to use him as a sound muncher, you can go to my link and download a response sheet for him:) I made one for all 3, but there are also response sheets attached for people who could only find one...So, I have one for just the monkey:)
    Little Warriors

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