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Book Lover's Gift Guide

Oh my goodness. It has been a MINUTE.  It's such a crazy time of year that I wanted to make something easy for you all. I wanted to have a landing spot to help you find gifts for the book lover in your life. Are you yourself the book lover? Then forward this link on to a special someone in your life. Tell them I said it was okay :) 

The following is a list of incredibly affordable (all under 20 dollars!) stocking stuffers or gifts for the people in your life who love to read.  I will be writing a post soon with the best books I have read in 2019, but for right now I was focused on the non-book things!

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1. Eat.Sleep.Read Coffee Mug- First things first. Let's get hydrated.  I love, love, love this 8 dollar mug. Hopefully all three of these things, eating, sleeping, and reading are things that you are doing A LOT of over your winter break.

2. Old Bookstore Puzzle- Next up I included an old musty book shop puzzle. Now I am making an assumption, not everyone that loves to read also loves to puzzle, but I can tell you that I SURE DO. I love puzzles so much (pro tip- it is the best way I have found to stay off my phone in the evenings. I puzzle while Jon and I watch one of our favorite shows.  Also the brand of this puzzle- White Mountain- is one of my favorites!

3. Warm and Cozy Candle- You will notice a trend with this list. ALL.THINGS.COZY. Candles make me feel warm and snuggly and I love having one lit while I am reading. This candle is actually on the way to my house right now bc they totally hooked me with font selection and name.

4. Magnetic Bookmarks- Magnetic bookmarks are new to me (I just picked some up at Barnes and Noble yesterday) but for that someone who is ALWAYS dog-earing pages or finding the nearest receipt to mark their page...I can't imagine a better gift!

5. Read Because you Can Sticker - Alright guys, there's no affiliate link on this sticker, but this is a personal connection. Jessica (the creator of this sticker) is a friend who just oozes talent and passion all over the place. I have this sticker PLUS two more InkChicago creations on my laptop currently. What better way to show the people in your life what is important to you than some laptop swag made my a teacher?!?!

6. LED Clip Reading Light- Alright, I always get people trying to bring me over to the dark side with reading on a Kindle so this may be a silly gift for those of you already over there, BUT for someone like me who really, truly can only read in print...this is a great gift. Especially when you are trying not to wake the snoring bear next to you (Ahem, my husband).

7. Read Read Read Sweatshirt- Remember- Warm and Cozy? This sweatshirt is such an essential piece to this gift guide that it is the only item I picked that is over 20 dollars.  I have this sweatshirt and wear it at least once a week! I know the reader in your life will just LOVE it too!

8. Pike Roast Coffee - I have been drinking my coffee black for about two months now and this Pike Roast is MANDATORY. There is nothing worse than bad coffee with no creamer to cover it up. And if you are anything like me

9. Barnes and Noble Gift Card- What more could a reader ask for, well, MORE BOOKS of course. Send the reader in your life on a post-holiday shopping spree so they can post up on the couch and read to their heart's content.

10. Fuzzy Socks - Comfy, cozy, and enables you to pull a little Tom Hanks slide into the living room if you are up for it. Need I say more?

11.Rose Gold Book Ends- I don't typically need bookends (because why be a quitter and stop before the shelf is full) but if I did, I would TOTALLY want these in my stocking! I would actually like about anything in rose gold.

12. Where the Wild Things Are Pins- And last not but least, I would take a Max and Wild Thing please! I love the Out of Print company and Where the Wild Things Are has been an absolute favorite book of mine for as long as I can remember.

Alright, now get to clicking! What did I leave off my list that you would like?!?!


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