November 2015 - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

December Rooted in Reading!

I hope you are thoroughly enjoying your Thanksgiving holiday! We wanted to give you a close look of December Rooted in Reading Unit

If you haven't gotten a chance to check out the unit yet, here it is!  These units have made my planning a million times easier and better!

Like many of you I will only have 3 weeks of teaching in December, but what I plan to do is all four books in 3 weeks!  I will start with Week One: Who's that Knocking, Week Two:  Night Tree, and Week Three: How to Catch Santa (Reading) and Legend of the Poinsettia (Social Studies as part of Holidays around the World).

Enter below and I will be back tomorrow night at 7:00 pm to announce the winners!


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Rough-Face Girl and Area

So right after y'all heard from me last we had a major event in our household! We had an upstairs toilet overflow and run ALL day while I was at school teaching! Ahhh! So we have been living in a two bedroom hotel suite for TWO WEEKS now.  You should definitely feel bad for me.  I am totally kidding, it could be SO much worse!

This past week my kids and I spent an amazing week studying The Rough-Face Girl!  Our Rooted in Reading units have done some wonders not only for my ELA block,but also the displays in and outside my classroom. 

Here is my board Wendesday afternoon:

I do NOT start the week with my board this way.  We add to it as we learn new concepts. 

Although my students are very familiar with parts of speech, they constantly need reminders! This was great practice for us!

I also loved focusing our adjective emphasis less on the physical nature and more on the character traits of the sisters in the book. 

We had some fantastic discussions about the meaning of these adjectives as we worked!

We also had more practice with hitting the highlights in the text. I feel like we can never have enough practice with retelling, because some students struggle realizing what is important to the text and what is not.

On Wednesday we focused on talking about how the Rough-Face Girl changed throughout the book.  We used Amy's directed drawing with our writing.  I get a few questions about making time for art.  To me, it's not a question.  Giving my students opportunities to be creative is my job.  I am in charge of teaching the whole child. I figure it out and make time for it!  It't too important to leave out!  AND their writing is ten times better when they get to be artistic!

On Thursday and Friday we turned our focus to comparing and contrasting our text to the classic fairy tale, Cinderella!  Many of my kids had seen either the Disney version of the movie or the newest version, but very few had heard the book. I was blown away by their discussions about the two books.  I LOVE that I am teaching my kids to think critically about texts.  They are making so many more observations and connections about the books because they are being given the time to go back again and again to analyse more deeply!

I also LOVE using our anchor charts from the unit and making them extra big on the poster maker at school!  Does anyone else have one of these?   P.S.  Obnoxious and vain were words we came up with to describe Cinderella's sisters, not her! 

You can find ALL of the above and much more in Amy and I's November edition of Rooted in Reading!

In math this week,  we finished up our geometry unit! I wanted a visual to help my kids remember the difference between perimeter and area.  This has definitely done the trick!

I also wanted a fun craftivity for Friday and Amy came through for me with these robot guys!  My kids are SO ga-ga for Minecraft and these guys seemed to remind them of their favorite game.  You can snag Amy's freebie by clicking on the picture below!

Hope you enjoyed my post and have a wonderful Monday tomorrow!


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