November 2012 - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Gingerbread anyone? A Non-Christmasy Busy Teacher's Best Friend

Well I didn't actually make gingerbread cookies, but we did bake! We were getting in some quality family time and getting mommy in the mood for a little more creating...

The princess LOVES the rolling pin!

And even my husband got in on the action. Don't mind the slight bomb that appears to have gone off in the kitchen!?!? Good grief- sorry for the blurriness!
 The huge mess was worth it for the yumminess! We ate a few at home and then I took them to school for a writing lesson (more on that one later this week!)

The cookies did their job because- Ta-dah!

No Christmas or Santa in this set. The theme here is all about gingerbread, baked goodies, and snow!

The format of this 69 page packet is the same as the Christmas Edition, but the prompts, content, and numbers are all different- so yes, you could use both! I know I will be! My husband had an accident at work and I have a sick little one so these handouts will be PERFECT to help me get ready for a surprise sub!

Because I feel bad that these weren't ready for the sale, I have them marked for 28% off for today and tomorrow!

For those of you who have been waiting for this packet, I am so sorry! Your sweet emails gave me the motivation I needed to get it completed.

If you want a chance to win one- head over to my Facebook page!

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Blogging Faux Pas

Two in one day...I know, I know, but this morning didn't really count. All I got to do was tell you about the AMAZING SALE.

No big deal...just 28% off of some amazing teaching materials. 

Here are some of my products if you want to look through:

I had a reader ask me if it was appropriate to buy both the Busy Teacher and the Centers version of my stuff. I use EVERY.BIT. of what you see in my classroom. I use the busy teacher as independent work, homework, or to fill that awkward time before lunch :).  My Centers are for just that- Center time. 
Below you will see what I am talking about:

Now the fun part...what am I getting!??! I am so glad you want to hear.

Do you have a full cart yet?  Happy Shopping Friends!

P.S. I have had several requests to convert my Busy Teacher December into a Gingerbread format...alright, twist my arm already. Look for it tomorrow night!


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*Cyber Monday and Tuesday*

I know you have heard about it in blogland already, but just in case you missed it!  My internet is very wonky right now so I couldn't do all that I wanted to, but I will be back tonight to share what is in my shopping cart!


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Holiday Distractions and *New Busy Teacher*




I have been extremely distracted so this took me about 10 times longer than I expected it to!

Good grief. BUT I am super happy with The Busy Teacher's Best Friend: Christmas Edition

66 pages of NO-Prep. Thanks goodness. The way I use these...homework, morning work, literacy centers, math centers...everything. 

They are on SALE for 20% off right now friends!

I really am trying to get a non-Christmasy one together for people that need it. Tomorrow?  Oh I hope I can fit it in!


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Happy Thanksgiving Freebie!

Did I tell you all I uploaded a freebie in my store??

Go grab it! And while you are there- don't forgot my Christmas stuff is 20 % today!

          HAPPY TURKEY DAY! Counting my blessing with Nash, Emmie, and Mr. King today!


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Breaking the Rules...Sorry Mr. Turkey

I am a one-holiday-at-a-time girl.

That is why my Halloween and Thanksgiving stuff got posted right before the actual holidays.

My kids celebrated Thanksgiving at school and I was invited :)

Yes- we lost a bow somewhere :) Good thing we have hundreds!

 Although I have tons of respect for Thanksgiving and am NOT overlooking it, I did want to give myself ample time to prepare centers and packet for Christmas without spending my whole break working.

So I had to get myself in the right mind frame.

We baked cookies.

 We made hand print art.  Don't tell my in-laws--these are part of their Christmas gifts!

And it worked! It got me in the mood to knock these out! I may or may not have listened to Mariah on repeat all day :)

Here are 10 Literacy Centers:

And 10 Math Centers:

I worked really hard to align all the centers to the Common Core Standards. This is my second school year working with them! You can check out the sets individually in my store OR you can get ALL 160 pages for a discounted prize!

ALL 3 are on SALE right now!


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A few of my favorite things...

 1. Art
 4. Ipad learning
5. Learning through games
6. Engaging lessons that STICK
7. Love notes from students
9. Gobs of glitter
10. My daughter's imagination

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I get you...Busy Teacher's Best Friend

Spend hours cutting out laminating?

Me too.

Need another option for this week and the days before Thanksgiving or just want to supplement what you already have?

AND because once again I get you...I even tried to do some differentiating:

Want a closer at the rest of it?

Like I always do, I will leave my printables on sale today!

I just hit 800 followers on Facebook so I will be celebrating this evening with 8 different units from some fantastic bloggers!

Come check it out!

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Thanksgiving Goodies

Holy cow...I finished.  Nothing like being last minute Lucy :)  I have 6 Literacy and 6 Math Centers posted.


You can get them separately for 4.50 each or you can buy them together for 8 dollars (They are on sale tonight and tomorrow)! 

Off to print :)

If you want a chance to win them....come on over to my facebook page!

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