Work it Wednesday: Week 4

Welcome to another weekly post of....

I feel like I connect with so many of you on my Instagram account Kking_Fit_Mommy, but I love this post because like all blogging, it allows me to reflect on how things are going.

Smith is SIX WEEKS OLD! How is that even possible?  I have this weird feeling like he just got here, but yet there was never life before him. I hope that makes sense! We just adore him SO much! Along with being six weeks postpartum, I had a doctors appointment. I am now cleared for all types of exercise... Even though I have been very active for a while. Now I can start back with those heavy weights that I love so much! 

I also have become slightly obsessed with my FitBit. If you are a Fitbit user and would like to connect you can find me by using my email address to add me as a friend! I love doing challenges and cheering y'all on too!

One way I'm getting my steps in is by doing a lot of housework. I'm cleaning out closets and organizing clutter during Smith's naps. I'm making up for all those lethargic months during my pregnancy.  

I started my early morning (5 am)  workouts again. The weight room is slightly intimidating now as I am out of shape, but it will get better soon, I know it! I am also frequenting Body Pump once or twice a week.

5 am workouts mean bring prepared and laying out clothes the night before! I love 5 am because nothing else can get in the way of it and it's all "me" time! 

And last but not least... Here's a little motivation for those of you on your own fitness journeys! 

Link up with your post below!  I can't wait to read!!!

Work It Wednesday: Week. 3

Welcome, welcome, welcome to Week 3 of Work It Wednesday!  I started this linky party to keep myself and y'all motivated throughout the summer months.  I can't wait to read your posts too!

Summer comes with lots of grilling out for us!  Luckily my family (parents and brothers and sisters) also like to eat pretty healthily so this was our Father's Day spread. I am smack in the middle of the 24 day challenge so I am being very careful with what I am eating!

1. Watermelon, heirloom tomatoes, basil, and feta
2. Fresh, local shrimp
3. Grilled Chicken
4. Grilled Peaches, honey, and a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

Ommmmmg.  Eating healthy can be so yummy!

Strawberries and blueberries are a great snack when you are out and about like I was on this day.  I know if I go grocery shopping on an empty tummy that things are going to get ugly real fast :)

This is another favorite snack: Quakers rice cakes, almond butter, and strawberry slices.  Heaven, I tell ya!

Now to the working out part....I love to sweat (which is a good thing because it just plain nasty in Charleston right now.).   My fitbit flex is providing some extra motivation to get moving.  Since I am nursing Smith, it's nice to get out and moving and not feel like I am stuck in the recliner ALL ding dong day!

I have left some hand weights in my garage so as soon as I finish my morning walk with Smith I can sneak in some reps.  I am 5 weeks postpartum so I am still keeping it pretty light and doing mostly body weight exercises like squats, lunges, etc.   Today Emmie joined me.  She loves to do burpees (I know, she's weird) and jog around the garage.

I pretty much wear workout clothes all day long because: 1. That's what fits right now 2. It's summer (yay!)  3.  I like to sneak in small walks/workout sessions whenever I get a chance. 

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