CJayne Goodies

I was lucky enough to meet Chandra from CJayneTeach  a couple years ago when a few of us took a girls' trip to her hometown of Nashville.  Chandra is just the sweetest and we have stayed in close contact since!   

Not only is she a sweetheart, but Chandra also has an incredible product line that I swoon over each summer.  

Here are just a few pics! This white clipboard is already in use with end of the year testing and maternity leave plans!

I love these book stickers so much!  

They worked just perfectly in the new books that just came in this week!  I am a little possessive of my books that I have accumulated over the last 9 years so these stickers will help me out immensely! 

Another item that I received from Chandra is this wonderful anecdotal notes pad.  The quality of the paper is impressive as well as the layout!

Now just because I am still swooning....the font on this clipboard?!?!  Even one of my 2nd graders commented on how pretty it was!

And last but not least.... I think I fill out 2-3 of these every ding dong day, so why not do it on a notepad that makes me happy!  I love being able to explain the problem/ailment on the lines below!

If you are interested in seeing more (which of course you are) here is how you find Chandra:

I hope to check back in with y'all soon, but baby King will be here in ONE week from tomorrow!   Hope everyone is surviving the end of the year! 

Surviving to Summer Linky Party

Hiiiii!  Long time no see/hear from me! Unless you follow me on instagram (queenof1stjungle) or facebook.  This time of year is NUTSO and throw being 8 1/2 months pregnant on top of it.... you may see why I need to remind myself about that precious break we get!

Michelle from Fabulous in First and I decided it would be SO fun to have this be a weekly linky party until the end of the year.  Sometimes as teachers we work so hard that we forget we are humans and need breaks!  So our intention with this post is to talk about what we are doing for ourselves outside the classroom AND to inside the classroom to hold on to that little bit of sanity we have left :) 

So read my post (duh) and grab the above image to link up with us at the bottom of my post or Michelle's.

So here is my list of what is helping me now that Spring Fever has hit....


1. Embracing the sunshine and fresh air.  Surely all your snow has melted?? RIGHT?  My kids are maniacs about their bikes so we are getting outside as much as possible! 

2.  BEACH- We are blessed enough to live about ten minutes from the beach.  Blessed is definitely the operative word!  There is something about the sound of the ocean that truly settles my soul.  All my problems are washed away by the sound and smell of salt water!

3.  This guy-  I mean who wouldn't be in a good mood with this guy around.  Have you met my puppy Hank?  He is the absolute bestest dog ever, just please don't ask him if he is a Weimaraner.  It hurts his feelings a little bit! Ha  (He's actually a Silver Lab- part of the Chocolate family and not many people have heard of his kind). 

4. Fresh Flowers-  I keep them everywhere.  I have to.  When I need to be inside, they help me feel as if I am not!  These centers will be finished tomorrow night, please check my FB for updates!


1.  Neon.  If it is important- I print it on neon paper... otherwise it is just not seen!  Since I switched to doing my newsletter on bright color I am receiving less and less notes with questions.  Not that I don't love answering the questions, but this is such a timesaver! 

2. TPT Units.  Seriously- why reinvent the wheel.   My Busy Teacher packet and Stephanie's Weather is Wild unit are saving my behind this month. 

3. COOL Science experiments.  I am all about authentic purposes for writing.  My students were writing lab reports for our Lucy Calkins Units of Study.  This week my kids wrote out the steps to this Rainbow Cloud Experiment from A Day in First Grade. We then invited a class of Kinders to our room to duplicate the experiment.  We had a BLAST! 

4. And last but not least a tip.  School supplies never cease to amaze me.  I turn around and they are GONE.  I went and bought my LAST (I swear it) haul of pencils and erasers.  I labeled them and bribed my kids with a GoNoodle party to see who can keep up with their supplies the longest. Fingers crossed this does the trick!

Now- your turn!  I can't wait to hear what you are up to these last couple of months!