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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Schoolgirl Style Collection Reveal: Preppy Nautical

I remember the first time that I found Melanie's blog- Schoolgirl Style.  I drooled over her posts for hours! Melanie and I have become friends since then, and I was THRILLED when she asked me to be a part of her big reveal! 

This weekend when I checked my email, I was just beside myself when I saw this adorable collection.  If I know Melanie she picked this set just for me because I am a beach girl!

The blues are greens are so crisp and classic! *SWOON*  I have a ton of natural light in my classroom so I know these colors would look delightful in there!

Now I have told Melanie that I adore this one, but I am not handing over my credit card until I see  ALL sixteen collections!  Stay on the lookout by following Schoolgirl Style social media so that you can see all the new collections!

When you sign up for Schoolgirl Style facebook, emails, and other social media account, you are also entered in this fabulous giveaway.  Melanie is letting ME give away a complete Preppy Nautical Collection, Pacon fadeless paper, two rolls of Bordette from Pacon, and 6 poms,daisies,lanterns of your choice.  Follow the directions on the Rafflecopter below, and you will be golden!

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Sporty Kids Update and a Mrs. King Fitness Update

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know my fitness has become a huge focus for me.  When I had to have surgery in October, I couldn't workout for about 2 months.  Well, boy did I let myself go during that time!  I finally woke up right after Christmas, and I have been going strong ever since.

My goals are not just to lose weight...I want to be strong...

....and HAPPY.  I am most happy when I am eating right and active.

Today's youth truly needs to be encouraged to be active.  We spend way too much time in front of televisions, video games, and computers.  That was what I had in mind when I created this centers two years ago, but BOY- did they need a facelift!

There are ten Common Core Aligned Centers aimed mainly for first graders!

You can snag them tonight for 20% off!  If you don't follow me on Facebook, please do!  I may just have enough energy to crank out a 2nd grade version very soon!

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Busy Teacher SALE

To celebrate hitting a TPT milestone, I have put all my Busy Teacher packets on SALE!

I am also HARD at work on some updates AND new packets...*hint*- maybe an identical theme for 2nd grade?!?!

Check back soon!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Where did April come from!?!?!

Did it sneak up on you too?!?!?!

Thank goodness my parent volunteer comes tomorrow, because I will be keeping her busy I think! Ha!

The packet is discounted Friday!

If you are interested in Kinder or First, here you go!


Monday, March 24, 2014

Kindergarten Busy Teacher and other Resources for K!

Stacey is way more on the game than I this go around. April is in the store and discounted tonight only!

There is OVER 100 pages of goodness in there! I will definitely hop back in later this week to show you how Nash and Emmie use the Busy Teacher.

I also wanted to remind you about two more resources that might work for your Ks!  This Final digraphs unit might be a stretch for some, but some kids would definitely be ready for it!
P.S. I think that Final Digraphs unit is one of the prettiest units I have!

Next up is my beginning of the year 1st grade work station pack, but from what I see coming home with Nash- some of your Ks are ready for it!

Now it is off to the gym, soccer practice, and then out to eat for my sister's birthday--- think I can sneak a nap in there anywhere?!?! 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Stuff: Freebies, a Giveaway, and a Last Minute Lucy *Sale*

First of all, thank you SO much for all the love on my Math Work Stations Post.  I poured my heart into that post, and it thrills me that so many of you read it!  I will be back with my second post on Wednesday to show you how I organize my centers. 

Eeeeek!  Finding yourself needing last minute St. Patrick's Day materials?

Busy Teachers are great for that!  I went ahead and discounted ALL my March stuff for 20 % off today!

My centers will be in action in my classroom for several more weeks since there is Easter and Basketball goodies in there!!!

I also have links to a couple of resources that you may need for tomorrow!  
The second one is from Denise at Sunny Days
I will be using Denise's Addition Bump for sure!

Lastly,  hop on over to Blog Hoppin' to enter a sweet giveaway!

Friday, March 14, 2014

Math Workstations PART 1: The WHY

Ever wonder why I started this here blog?!?  Back three and a half years ago when I first started, it was all about reflection for me.  I have always been one who thinks better when I write.  

My blog makes me a better teacher.

I have a confession.  I let workstations slide over the last month or so.  

No good reason.  

Except that it is easier to stay whole group. OUCH! That is hard to admit.  But it is true.  This year I have worked SO hard on shaping my ELA and Writer's Workshop just the way that I want it that sometimes by math time I am exhausted and don't give it the effort that it and my kids deserve.  

Well that is changing RIGHT now. 

I planned out my week so that we could take our measurement test yesterday and review routines and rituals for Math Workstations today so we could get those bad boys ROCKIN' and ROLLIN' again.  No more excuses.

Need convincing in order to join me on this journey?

Here are my top 5 reasons why you should try work stations.

1. Number sense, number sense, number sense.
I really don't think you need numbers 2-5 after you think about this one.  I don't know a math teacher that doesn't wish their kids had better number sense.  It is the basis for everything.  Our kids rely on the PROCESS way too much.  When they really GET numbers, they shouldn't have to memorize routines.

2.Every kid is accountable.
My kids work in pairs.  There is no lally-gogging, bumps on a log, daydreaming, whatever you want to call it.  EVERYone works.  I do not, repeat do not, put my high kid with my low kids to help them out.  In my opinion this is a huge no-no.  Here's my reasoning, all too often the low kids just copy or the high kids do it for them.  I stick low with low, high with high.  This way the low kids are not intimidated and if need be I can tailor the work just for them.  The high kids challenge each other to try out new ideas or improve their automaticity. 

3. Small group reteach or acceleration.
I have worked it out so that the four kids that come to me during each station have relatively the same needs (I will explain this better next post, I promise).  This way I can tailor my instruction to exactly what they need.  This means that two pairs of kids come to me at a time.  That means that there are 8 other activities are going on around the room *quietly*.

4. Work Stations are fun.
What kid doesn't like games?!?!  Now- I intentionally don't call them centers.  They are WORK stations because the kids WORK the whole time, but they are still fun and kids learn through play.

5.  We need to reach them ALL.

I promise you.  If you are only teaching whole group, there are kids who are hiding.  I've seen it this month.  The kids who follow along well but don't REALLY get it.  We owe them the chance to explore with numbers. We owe them the chance to ask questions in small group.  We owe them the chance to REALLY get it.

Did I convince you?

Are you saying okay, okay, now what?

I've got you. :) Well at least soon I do. 

I decided to break this post into several different sections because--well it's Friday and we are all tired. No really.  It would be way too long for one post!  I will be back soon with a post on organization with tons of pictures!

For now, here are links to some(?) of my Math Work Station packets on TPT: