October Resources and SALE!

I just completed my LAST Monthly Busy Teacher!  I now have Sept- Summer for Kinder, 1st, and 2nd.  That is a whole lotta busy teachers!  

Here is a closer look at just SOME of the printables in the pack!  I use these pages for Daily 5, morning work, homework, and sub plans.  I seriously couldn't survive without them!

Here are the Kinder and 1st October Busy Teachers too!

In about two weeks I will be pulling out my October Math Stations and Literacy Centers as well!

We had so much fun with these last year that I know this year's class will love them too!

Here is my First grade set of Centers! 

Since I am SO glad to finally have my last monthly Busy Teacher, that I put my WHOLE TPT shop on sale for 20% for the rest of the night!  I hope you can find something you like!

Night friends!

Meet Tiger Godzilla King

Meet Tiger!

Tiger Godzilla King to be exact.  What a strong name, right?  Of course my kids picked that name! Ha!    So I have been hearing about the Pets in the Classroom grant for awhile now and I finally took the leap this year! The first week of school I had my kids reading and researching the different kinds of pets we could get.  Then I let them vote.  With an extremely heavy vote in favor of a guinea pig, we had our pick! 

I have to admit that when I walked into Pet Smart, I was absolutely stunned by how BIG the guinea pigs were.  As someone who only had does growing up, I have very little experience with caged animals.  I fought my nerves as found this precious guy!  I actually hesitated on this particular piggy, who I now adore, because he has red eyes.  I thought it would freak my kids out, but it didn't! Not in the least! They actually said it made our guinea pig extra special!

The Pet Smart employee who helped me with my selection gave me tons of useful advice.  She told me to leave Tiger at home for a few days to let him adjust. This worked really well for us.

I have a WONDERFUL setup in my classroom that includes a big cabinet that stretches my whole room so having Tiger at eye level is super easy!

The kids are SO.IN.LOVE with Tiger.  I have one precious little girl that brings a tupperware full of Kale every morning.  Tiger loves Kale-- like tries to climb through the cage when he sees her.
 This past weekend I went back to Pet Smart and purchased this play yard for Tiger.  We have specials at the end of the day so while the kids are out of the room, I can get this set up.  This setup serves us all well.  Tiger can run around.  The kids get some Tiger time.  Mrs. King can clean out his cage right after school :) Lucky me!

Before I go, I wanted to make sure you know about Volunteer Spot

This website is UNREAL.  I was able to set up home visits for Tiger though Christmas without ANY hassle.  I sent a link to my parents through a group email and that was it! So easy!  I will also use the site to add wish list items for Tiger like hay, food, and bedding, but don't worry all the essentials like Halloween costumes for the guinea pig have been purchased :).