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TWO BIG Last Minute Valentine's Day Freebies

Did you have lots of great intentions for the week of Valentine's Day and now you are feeling all kinds of tired and overwhelmed. Yep, yep. I know that feeling.  So let me help you out with some easy, print and go help! 

When Amy saw Robot in Love at Barnes and Noble, we both knew right away that it was screaming to be a Rooted in Reading book. So, we made it happen!

The skills that we focused on for within the book are inferences, schema, and character traits. Take a closer look with me...

One of my biggest frustrations with adults is when they do not understand the complexity and rigor  that picture books offer to our students. The amount of stuff going on in these illustrations is amazing!  We need to talk about how characters act when they are "in love" and what is happening when the robot lands in the puddle. We can't assume that kids have been exposed to enough of the world to really GET it. And, folks that is what we do in Rooted in Reading.  We zoom in. We give them time to talk and analyze. 

I also LOVE using animated short films to really hit a Grand Slam with the kids.  This "Cupid Love" video is a perfect addition to use alongside Robot in Love and gives students a chance to infer without the pressure of decoding words at the same time! 

If you are interested in seeing more of a Robot in Love, you can see it in Amy's store here:

I also decided to make this freebie for you! It has bookmarks to use as small gifts for your kids on Valentine's Day AND three printables to use for those of you that want to the Robot in Love unit but think it might be a little too challenging for your kids.  You can find those freebies here: 

AND since I decided to be an overachiever this week, Amanda Newsome and I decided to team up on a little Book Freebie. It comes with MORE bookmark options for any book, tags to use with gifts, book recommendation cards, AND a bulletin board idea. Phew! Look at the pictures below for more insight. 

I hope that you are winding down from the week and preparing for a weekend of relaxation and rest....right?!?! 

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