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Are you a basketball fan?  We definitely are in my house, but I also know that my students were all gaga about basketball too.  I am a huge advocate of tapping into what kids are into and taking advantage of that excitement.  My personal kids wanted to learn more about the schools that are in the Sweet Sixteen so I made this ABC order.   

Not too long after I started working on this ABC Order I received a request from Emmie's teacher for a few centers.  So voila!  Here they are!  Okay, really there was no voila.  More like 2 1/2 days of nonstop work! HA!

These centers are a combination of challenge/review to get those kids ready for end of the year assessments.  I also have to say that aesthetically they are some of my favorites yet!

For Math:
Money to Five Dollars
Multistep Word Problems
Time to Five Minutes
3D shapes

I am very aware that a couple of these centers are above what is expected of 2nd grade.  I marked 2nd/3rd on TPT for a reason.  These are definitely meant to stretch your on grade level to above grade level students.  You know your students best and you know what they are ready for!

For ELA:

Genre Sort 
Parts of Speech in the sentence
BBall Vocabulary
Ending Phonics Patterns (-ble, -dle, -tle)

The Basketball Centers are on sale for HALF off until Friday morning!

You know I can't write a blog post and NOT give you book recommendations.
Have you read Salt in His Shoes {affiliate Link}?  It is one of my favorite books about perseverance.  Kids love Michael Jordan (especially if you show them MJ's TOP 10 dunks on Youtube).

I also LOVE the book Basketball Belles.  It is a fantastic book on its own, but especially relevant during Women's History Month! You can find lesson plans for Basketball Belles HERE.

You can even see a SUPER fast snippet of Storybook STEM in action from Chloe's awesome class. So cute!

You can find a FULL week's worth of lesson plans for Salt in His Shoes HERE!  Amy also has this fantastic graphing freebie for a whole class lesson below.  You can can snag that by clicking on the picture!


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Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss!

If you follow me on instagram ( queenof1stjungle) then you know that I am currently mentoring two first graders.  One of my sweeties requested that I visit and have lunch with him this Friday.  I thought it would be a good idea to bring them a little treat for Dr. Seuss' birthday!  I know that the parents in his class do the very best that they can, but aren't able to come to the classroom much or bring treats. I'm always looking for a reason to scratch my creative side :) 

I saw these Vanilla Vanilla Fingers and thought they would be perfect little Loraxes!  I just added edible eyes and yellow frosting mustaches.  Super easy and so cute!

I am also going to take this little basket of goodies for them. I don't know that there is a better gift to give than a picture book (and dollar spot Seuss stickers and pencils to round off the basket!).

Speaking of which did you see this at Target?  It is a fantastic little book with a pretty simple text that would be great for 1st and 2nd graders!  I picked up two because of course I need one for my personal library!

I also volunteered to make a snack for Emmie's class and she requested Horton Hears a Who.  I think this is my first time attempting cake pops too!

They turned out really well but goodness they are time consuming!  I made the cakes and shaped the balls yesterday, but the Pinterest link I used suggested leaving them in the fridge over night.  So I dipped them in the candy coating this morning.  I added the little pearl before the coating dried.  This is the perfect little snack for Horton!

I am going to leave you with this gorgeous sight!  How many of you drooled over this sight in Target?  I think I already have EVERY.SINGLE.ONE of them, but I still had to walk quickly past so four or five didn't jump in my cart!

I'll leave you all with my favorite Dr. Seuss quote! 


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