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March Reading

Happy Wednesday, y'all!  I'm here breathing a HUGE sigh of relief because Rooted in Reading March is officially HERE!  Amy and I have been working on this unit nonstop over the past month, so it feels like a heavy brick has been lifted off of our shoulders! Amy did a really good job of showing what's all included in our unit.  I know I am partial but y'all this one is gooooood!

4 Directed Drawings for your littles to complete.  This is my students new favorite part of the week and I often participate myself!

 4 crafts to go along with each unit:

4 Nonfiction Readers:
 4 Grammar Concepts:  Irregular Verbs, Comparative Adjectives, Collective Nouns, and Articles:  a, an, the
Lots of comprehension activities, printables, and flap-ups
In this month we began a few new vocabulary activities :)

And, you can't forget, that we planned out your reading and grammar for you for the entire month!!!

Here are a few answers to questions we frequently get asked:
Q:  Do you plan on bundling all units?
A:  We haven't decided yet.  For the time being we are only selling them individually.  

Q:  Do you plan on mapping out the standards for each month?
A:  YES!  We are going to release a reading and grammar yearly overview this summer once we are finished with all of the units!

Q:  Are you planning on making Rooted in Reading for other grade levels?
A:  Unfortunately, no.  We are only making this one set for now.  We highly recommend Deanna and Deedee's Guiding Reader's Units for K-1

Q:  Will August and September be released before Back To School??
A:  Yes!  We will release both this summer so that you have plenty of time to prep!

Q:  Will all standards be addressed throughout the units?
A:  All Reading (fiction and nonfiction) and Grammar 2nd grade common core and TEKS will be hit throughout the ten months of Rooted in Reading  (with the exception of phonics/spelling standards)

Q:  Can I purchase just one of the book units?
A:  Logistically, this just gets very complicated.  We are only selling them with the Rooted in Reading monthly unit.

Q:  Do you use this along with your basal?
A:  No, this is the main source of instruction for reading and grammar in our classes.

Q:  When will April be released?
A:  See below :))))
We hope you enjoy reading all of these books with your classes as much as we do with ours!

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