April 2014 - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Sporty Kids for 2nd Grade, Derby Update, and May Busy Teacher---Woah

My Sporty Kids packet for first grade has always been on of my favorite things I have made!

I decided I HAD to have a version that was more appropriate for my current 2nd graders.  

As I start to think about MAP in just over a week and a half, I tried to keep in mind skills that I wanted them to review!  I will definitely be taking pictures of these centers in action over the next couple of days.  I will use those pictures to finish my Math Work Stations series I started (don't throw tomatoes at me, life has been crazy!).

Did you know the Kentucky Derby is this weekend?!?!

This girl left a part of her heart in KY so I definitely didn't forget!  I updated the unit with this year's horses!

AND just like the Derby snuck up on me, so did MAY!  Here is the May Busy Teacher (First Grade).  The second grade and kindergarten versions will be out as soon as possible!!!

Night Night friends!


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Schoolgirl Style Collection Reveal: Preppy Nautical

I remember the first time that I found Melanie's blog- Schoolgirl Style.  I drooled over her posts for hours! Melanie and I have become friends since then, and I was THRILLED when she asked me to be a part of her big reveal! 

This weekend when I checked my email, I was just beside myself when I saw this adorable collection.  If I know Melanie she picked this set just for me because I am a beach girl!

The blues are greens are so crisp and classic! *SWOON*  I have a ton of natural light in my classroom so I know these colors would look delightful in there!

Now I have told Melanie that I adore this one, but I am not handing over my credit card until I see  ALL sixteen collections!  Stay on the lookout by following Schoolgirl Style social media so that you can see all the new collections!

When you sign up for Schoolgirl Style facebook, emails, and other social media account, you are also entered in this fabulous giveaway.  Melanie is letting ME give away a complete Preppy Nautical Collection, Pacon fadeless paper, two rolls of Bordette from Pacon, and 6 poms,daisies,lanterns of your choice.  Follow the directions on the Rafflecopter below, and you will be golden!


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Sporty Kids Update and a Mrs. King Fitness Update

If you follow me on Instagram then you already know my fitness has become a huge focus for me.  When I had to have surgery in October, I couldn't workout for about 2 months.  Well, boy did I let myself go during that time!  I finally woke up right after Christmas, and I have been going strong ever since.

My goals are not just to lose weight...I want to be strong...

....and HAPPY.  I am most happy when I am eating right and active.

Today's youth truly needs to be encouraged to be active.  We spend way too much time in front of televisions, video games, and computers.  That was what I had in mind when I created this centers two years ago, but BOY- did they need a facelift!

There are ten Common Core Aligned Centers aimed mainly for first graders!

You can snag them tonight for 20% off!  If you don't follow me on Facebook, please do!  I may just have enough energy to crank out a 2nd grade version very soon!


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Busy Teacher SALE

To celebrate hitting a TPT milestone, I have put all my Busy Teacher packets on SALE!

I am also HARD at work on some updates AND new packets...*hint*- maybe an identical theme for 2nd grade?!?!

Check back soon!


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Where did April come from!?!?!

Did it sneak up on you too?!?!?!

Thank goodness my parent volunteer comes tomorrow, because I will be keeping her busy I think! Ha!

The packet is discounted Friday!

If you are interested in Kinder or First, here you go!



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