Sporty Kids for 2nd Grade, Derby Update, and May Busy Teacher---Woah - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Sporty Kids for 2nd Grade, Derby Update, and May Busy Teacher---Woah

My Sporty Kids packet for first grade has always been on of my favorite things I have made!

I decided I HAD to have a version that was more appropriate for my current 2nd graders.  

As I start to think about MAP in just over a week and a half, I tried to keep in mind skills that I wanted them to review!  I will definitely be taking pictures of these centers in action over the next couple of days.  I will use those pictures to finish my Math Work Stations series I started (don't throw tomatoes at me, life has been crazy!).

Did you know the Kentucky Derby is this weekend?!?!

This girl left a part of her heart in KY so I definitely didn't forget!  I updated the unit with this year's horses!

AND just like the Derby snuck up on me, so did MAY!  Here is the May Busy Teacher (First Grade).  The second grade and kindergarten versions will be out as soon as possible!!!

Night Night friends!

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  1. Love the sports theme! The girls and boys will totally dig it:)


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