May 2015 - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

CJayne Goodies

I was lucky enough to meet Chandra from CJayneTeach  a couple years ago when a few of us took a girls' trip to her hometown of Nashville.  Chandra is just the sweetest and we have stayed in close contact since!   

Not only is she a sweetheart, but Chandra also has an incredible product line that I swoon over each summer.  

Here are just a few pics! This white clipboard is already in use with end of the year testing and maternity leave plans!

I love these book stickers so much!  

They worked just perfectly in the new books that just came in this week!  I am a little possessive of my books that I have accumulated over the last 9 years so these stickers will help me out immensely! 

Another item that I received from Chandra is this wonderful anecdotal notes pad.  The quality of the paper is impressive as well as the layout!

Now just because I am still swooning....the font on this clipboard?!?!  Even one of my 2nd graders commented on how pretty it was!

And last but not least.... I think I fill out 2-3 of these every ding dong day, so why not do it on a notepad that makes me happy!  I love being able to explain the problem/ailment on the lines below!

If you are interested in seeing more (which of course you are) here is how you find Chandra:

I hope to check back in with y'all soon, but baby King will be here in ONE week from tomorrow!   Hope everyone is surviving the end of the year! 


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