February 2011 - Queen of the First Grade Jungle


I have been soooo busy reading fabulous blogs that I haven't updated my own. So this will be quite a random post!  We just concluded our unit on penguins and thanks to all the fabulous bloggers who gave me tons of ideas, we had a blast!  Here are some of my students adding to our are/can/have chart.  They named the penguin Tacky (orginal huh?).
 We also celebrated reading 1,000 books in January with a day we call Camp Read-A-Lot.  We brought sleeping bags and our favorite books...and lounged! If I had my way...we would do this more often!
 Someone's got it right!
Two of my cuties enjoying a great Kevin Henkes book.

I have completely changed the way that I do Centers this year.  My students go to four Centers and me (guided reading) every day.  I absolutely love teaching this way, but I am working really hard to create a bunch of games/activities.  Here is my kids' absolute favorite below... I went to Adrian Bruce's website (which has a gazillion great ideas) and printed out some really pretty fish.  I attach sight words with paper clips and made fishing poles out of dowel rods with magnets on a string.  My kids loooove going fishing for sight words!

And just for fun here is a picture of my own cutie having snack and practicing the letter "N" :)

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