July 2012 - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Preppy Pink and Green

I just can't help myself.

How much fun is this set????

It is on sale today and tomorrow. 

I told you that I was going to be having a fun play date, and I now have proof of said play date. 
Last week we drove to Cincinnati to see my Bloggy BFF Michelle.  You know her... she is oh-so-fabulous.
Did you also know she has the most adorable boys on the planet.

Here are our sweet monkeys. It was only about 1,000 degrees that day.

We are big suckers when it comes to making these sweeties happy.  Yes those are face paintings that cost an arm and a leg. 

I told you they were monkeys.

The lone princess.  Emmie eventually hitched a ride on Michelle's stroller because "not stepping on cracks" was proving to slow us down quite a bit :)

Checking out the baby bobcat.

Landon's hands are almost as big as the gorilla's hands. Almost.

 Just having a little convo with Mr. Gorilla.

Drew and Nash are becoming great buddies just like their mommies.

I do have to admit that I welcomed the cool AC on the car ride home, but I always look forward to my next visit. Maybe one of these days Michelle and I will manage to get a picture together. 

For now- I am happy spending the last 2 weeks of my summer vacation glued to my couch, watching the Olympics with this adorable cutie...

I think the coon hat makes him a true American supporter. 

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Junk in your...err on top of the lockers

I have been absolutely worthless today.

Actually if you like the glass half full approach, I have been very supportive of American sports.  

In the spirit of doing SOMETHING today, I decided to show you how I am taking care of all the stuff on top of my lockers.

It is very obvious that my school was built in the 70s. We have these accordion style curtains that separate our rooms in horrendous shades of green, yellow, and orange. I am told these colors, in particular the exact colors in our rooms, were very popular in this decade.

Another thing that is very obvious about our building-- not one teacher was consulted in the design.  We have zero, zilch, nada storage. Not one closet, shelf, or cabinet is in any of our rooms.  Where they thought I would store all my "stuff" I am not sure, but it has forced me to be very creative.  There are some teachers that have a neater version of what I have going on (and I plan on showing those pictures one day soon), but I haven't been able to quite figure that method out. 

See I am one of those people that hates seeing my stuff.

As you might guess- the above picture gives me nightmares. I truly hate it. No matter how much purging I do, I still need a large majority of this stuff.  And believe me (or ask my teammates), I LOVE getting rid of stuff. 

On Wendsday I stopped at Hobby Lobby and grabbed 5 yards of fabric. Side note: I am not sure that I know how to drive by that store without stopping.

Next I enlisted the help of one of my sweet teammates to help me sew a hemline, because let's face it, I still haven't mastered much about sewing. 

We have wires strung in front of our walls to hang anchor charts from.   I hung my new curtain over the wire.  

My stuff is gone, or rather, it is hidden!

I know this is not rocket science, but man does it make it feel better to not see that stuff!

Now, all this productivity is making me tired.  It is back to the Olympic games for me. I have developed quite a crush on Ryan Lochte, and I must make sure I don't miss any of his races!

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Cute Table Caddies for around $10

Walmart, Target, and Big Lots must have all heard what my color scheme is in my classroom.

Because let's face it- it's all about me :)

Just a reminder if I haven't drilled into your heads enough that my classroom is teal, purple, black, and white. Ignore the stuff on top of the bookshelf...it will be gone! I used to say I had a jungle theme, but I have finally come to terms that is really is just a color scheme.  It gives me a reason to add chevron and polka dots in my room along with my zebra print!

Have you noticed that Walmart and Target have all that cute Dorm stuff in those colors. It is KILLING me. I can't walk into either store without feeling like I need to buy something for my classroom.

The above picture is actually from Big Lots! I about fell over when I saw this aisle.

 This is just a preview of what is going on in my room currently!  I have had a couple of  FB readers express some concern over the busy-ness (how on earth do you spell that word) of the chevron, but I promise when I add what I need to, it won't feel that way at all!

I found black caddies at Walmart for 99 cents each!!! Are you kidding?

I then bought 2 rolls of purple zebra print ribbon and with a little hot glue...they look fit for my room!

Tomorrow I will show you how I took care of all that stuff on top of my lockers!

I linked up with sweet SC blogger Elizabeth!

AND... Kristen- I can only hope to be as organized and well-put-together as her when I grow up :)


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New Decor and Sale Extension

I love my bloggy friends. I try my best to make everyone happy.
So when two of favorites needed a gray, yellow, and blue chevron classroom decor packet... I tried to deliver :)

My classroom decors (Including this one!) and my alphabets are still on sale today at 20 % off!

P.S. that means my alphabets are a whopping $1.60.

Queen TPT Button


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Freebie, Sale, and Classroom Pics!!!

A couple of years ago we were asked to designate a spot for student work in the hallway. We save these spots for Extended Responses or especially impressive writing assignments. 

If you want to try this project out...head to Hobby Lobby (my personal little heaven) and grab foam, mini-clips, and ribbon! 

On the first day of school I will take pictures of my students to add to the display, but for right now, this is what is right outside my classroom. The mini clips allow for easy posting too!  If you would like the Wonderful Work Coming Soon sign, click on the link to go to my TPT store. 

After my student list is 100 % finalized I will add the letter sticker for their names.  

Last year Abby suggested taping together 3 white foam boards to create a large sign and Ta-Da! I love it!

Since everyone is busy setting up their classrooms I decided to put all my alphabet sets and classroom decor on sale for 20% off tomorrow (July 25th) only! 
                                                         Queen TPT Button
There will be many, many of my favorite bloggers having sales on their seasonal items tomorrow only so go check them out on Blog Hoppin'!

P.S. My fun play-date last week was rained out so we will try again tomorrow! Hint, Hint: I am meeting someone quite Fabulous :) !!

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Tell me more, tell me more!

When I saw Amy Lemons' Linky party, I just knew I needed to join in on the fun!

Here are some RANDOM pictures and facts about me and mine :)

1. My too cute hubby and I have been married for 5 wonderful years!

2. We have 2 kids- Nash and Emmie. They are my world.  

And of course I think my kids are the cutest.

3. I am the oldest of 3 kids. My sister's name is Kelly and my brother's name is Sean. They are wonderful aunts and uncles to Nash and Emmie!

4. I LOVE the show So you Think You Can Dance.

             5.  There was a point in time where I was a sorority girl. MY oh my how times have changed :)

6. I also played college soccer.

7. My little family eats, breathes, and sleeps BEACH.  I will make it happen to have a permanent residence near the beach sometime. 


8. I am one of 16 cousins on my moms side. Most of us are really close. Here is a picture of some of us. The two cousins on the left are in school to be teachers, and the other is in NYC in fashion school (oh-la-la).

I hope you enjoyed learning a little bit about me!  Now go look at the other entries in the linky party!

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