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***Exciting News***

She's a beauty isn't she.

I am finally allowed to tell you all my big news. It has been killing me not to share with my internet buddies. 

So true isn't it (to prove this point even further my bloggy buddy Reagan  shared this ecard with me).

I'm sorry- back to my news.

I will have 25 ipad 2s in my classroom next year!  

That sentence probably didn't come across the way I intended it to, because
I CAN'T even express to you all how excited I am. The grant that I am receiving (from my district) is called a 1-to1 grant (one device for each child). 

I have been pinning like a mad woman in anticipation of the grant, but I can't wait to get my hands on them!

Any readers have access to classroom ipads that want to share some advice with me????

P.S.  I have a post with classroom pictures that I have been working on for 3 days now...but it isn't finished. Want a preview?

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  1. Katie!! That's amazing!!! I have some great free ebook sites I'll email you! How exciting!

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  3. You are so lucky! What I wouldn't give for a grant like that!! I love that ecard-- I feel like my daughter would say the same thing lol!! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  4. How amazing! I can't wait to hear about how you utilize them!

    There's No Place Like Second Grade

  5. wow - how exciting - I'll be looking forward to your blogs about you will utilize them!

  6. That's awesome!! I think every classroom should get a set:)

    1...2...3...Teach With Me

  7. That is super exciting! I have been using my iPad in my classroom for two years. I have never seen anything as exciting and motivating for the students! One for each child would be a dream! Congratulations!

  8. Ahh congrats!! That is definitely a dream of mine! I don't even have one for my class yet (I'm hoping that will change this year!). I'm sure you will find tons of fun activities to do with them. Enjoy! =)

    The Resource Room Teacher

  9. Congratulations!!! Thats Awesome... I havent used mine in the classroom yet, other than as a camera!! I hope you will share how you use them with the students!

  10. AWESOME! I totally have iPad envy!! Oh the amazing things that you will be able to do with your students! Congratulations!

    First Grade Magic

  11. Congratulations! That is awesome!

  12. Congratulations!! That is incredible!
    Where Seconds Count

  13. Katie, Congratulations! In April 25 iPads arrived in my K/1 class (also because of a district grant). Having iPads 1:1 is amazing, incredible, wonderful, ... I have posted about them a few times. Here is one of my posts: http://camillesopendoor.blogspot.com/2012/06/italk-ipads.html

    I am not an expert (and actually I soon realized that my kiddos would advance faster than me), but feel free to ask questions. Something else I had to realize is that I had to create some of my own answers because using iPads in a 1:1 environment is so new that not many have traveled before us, especially in the primary grades.

    Congratulations again!
    An Open Door

  14. Wow!!! That is amazing! You'll love them. I was able to use them a lot with my class this year and worked on implementing a 'tablet program' with my school. A few hints:

    -Label them with numbers or get them etched. It will make it easier to assign them or figure out which one has problems. Might be a good idea to keep a little recording sheet so you (or students) can record issues with certain tablets and go back and fix them when you get some down time.
    -It's expensive, but covers & scratch resistant film on the screens are a must.
    -We have Samsung tablets, but I believe there is some sort of App that will allow you to sync all of them. I'm not sure what it is, but our tech guy spent a lot of time syncing them and making sure they all had the same apps.
    -Expect the wifi to go out when you least expect it. :)
    -Set some clear rules & expectations. If they mess around with the settings or move apps around, then it might drive you to drinking. Luckily I learned it early on and only had to reset two of them.
    -Get headphone splitters. It will allow you to use one tablet for a small group (listening center, video, etc.). Sometimes you won't want everyone using their own. They make great partner centers.
    -I'm sure you've already thought of the issue of charging them, but I've seen some really cool storage units (with locks) that also double as charging stations. I'm sure a good old power strip works great too. That's a weird logistical thing that you don't think about at first.
    -ENJOY!!! You're so blessed to be able to get one for each of your students. They are so lucky to have you and will benefit from them so much.

    Can't wait to hear how it goes! PS. Thanks again for doing your Sunday Safari on my site. It went over really well!

    The School Supply Addict

  15. OMG! That is so exciting!! I can't wait to hear how you're going to use them :) I have one and have been meaning to post about some apps I have found but haven't found the time to sit down and type it up :/ Congrats on the grant!

    Dirty Hands and Lesson Plans

  16. That is AMAZING!!! How exciting for your students!!!
    The Hive

  17. OMGosh!! That is SO exciting! Congratulations!

    Primary Inspired

  18. One word... LUCKY!!! Congrats!!!! What an exciting way to start the school year!

    Pencils, Books, and Dirty Looks

  19. That is awesome, congratulations!!

  20. How awesome!! I am moving districts and each grade level is supposed to be getting an iPad cart to share and use. I can't wait!!

  21. Awesome! My class is also getting a class-set of iPads! I've been pinning a few ideas here and here, and I'm looking for more. Right now, one of my biggest goals is to do calendar time on the iPads! I've always had a bulletin board for calendar, and I'm eager to switch over. I've seen teachers do it all on Smart Boards, so it's got to be possible. If you find anything, PLEASE post it! :o)

    Better Than a Milk Mustache

  22. Congratulations!!!!! You will LOVE them and your students will be so engaged! I had 1:1 iPod touches last year, and this year I will be going 1:1 with iPads. I have a few projects on my blog that I did with the iPod touches last year that could be done with the iPads too! Have fun!!!! And please let me know if there's anything I can help you you with! I am looking forward to hearing about all of the great things you will do with them!!!! :-)

  23. congratulations!! That is so exciting. I wish I had them for every child in my classroom.. I requested to have them but you know how that goes. LOVE your blog btw. You should come check mine out if you get a chance.

  24. Hi Katie,
    I am almost at 200 followers. Would you like to join me in a giveaway?

  25. So exciting!! Love your zebra labels by the way! Are you going to put them in your TPT store?


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