February 2013 - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

March Busy Teacher

It's here! It's here!

Now this busy teacher is going to enjoy a night off :)

I will be back tomorrow with techy ideas and nonfiction writing ideas as well!

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March Mash-Up Centers

So for a little over a week now I have been working my TAIL off on these centers. No lie- 3-4 hours a night (after Nash and Em go to bed). phew.

Part of the reason it took me so long this time around is that I changed my format up a little this time.  I went ahead and put the Common Core standard on each cover page to help you out a little more!

Now that we are almost three-fourths of the way through the year (eek!) my expectations are way bumped up for what I expect the kids to do!  

I am also ALWAYS pouring over the Language standards in the Common Core to make sure my kiddos don't go to second grade with any holes!

 Here is an example of my version of bumped up Math. I took the measurement standard and used word problems to have kids think a little bit more!  I plan on using these in small group math!

 And last but not least, I wanted you to see my ADORABLE "Wacky Wabbit" game.  Thanks for Ashley Hughes for the clipart and Deedee Wills for the clever name (She is so witty!). 

They are all on SALE this weekend!
Phew- I am tired  after just writing this post :).  Now to give this house a little TLC and then work on my March Busy Teacher!


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Techy Teacher Again So Soon?

Will you accept my apologies for not posting since LAST Techy Teacher. Goodness.  Being a mommy, wife, teacher, blogger, and friend can be exhausting.

I also got to meet up with some of my favorites- Susan from T.G.I.F , Kelley from Teacher Idea Factory, and Stephanie from Falling into First (eek no picture!)

We went out to eat with gobs of fabulous friends for dinner!

Unfortunately I am not so techy today (I am up to my eyeballs in my March Centers!)

Will you all help me out?  Link up please! I can't wait to read your posts!

Guidelines for entering Linky Party:
1.  Link directly to your blog post, not just your blog.
2. You CAN use an older post, it just needs to be about something techy (whether for blogging or classroom advice).
3.  Have fun!


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Techy Teacher Tuesday: Place Value

 Steal my graphic- please, do it!

Pink Eye.  Flu-like Symptoms.  Fevers.  YUCK.

All these things have invaded my home this week, and I want them all to go away!  I caved and got a sub for tomorrow as we are all fighting the yuckiness.  Thank goodness I had my Busy Teacher to grab from :) - tired/sick momma means not so hot plans!

Sorry- back to the real point of the post, Techy Teacher Tuesday!

We have been working very hard on Place Value in my room (if you download my preview from my Busy Teacher you can snag an addition with tens printable).

I love when I can find an app that directly aligns to what I am teaching you.

 I have another great Little Monkeys App for you (promise- I am in no way asked to promote them- I just love their apps)!  This one is actually called Place Value.  

Things I like about this app:
1.  Differentiation- 3 different levels of numbers depending on your students' abilities.
2.  The Teaching Tool- I can direct instruction and kids can pull up the blocks to match the number I say.
3.  Camera/Email- students can capture their work in the gallery to prove their understanding.
4.  The Australian/British Accent- pure enjoyment.

The second app is called Montessori Numbers.  My kids are both Montessori kids and I am extremely impressed by how they teach numbers even at the age of 3.  My Nash talks about 2 digit numbers in terms of tens and ones and it makes my heart smile!  I thought I would share a video of this app to help convince you of its greatness!

For you non-ipad teachers, I have a Representing Numbers freebie in my store that you might want to check out...

Before I retire to the couch (remember I am sick!), I wanted to share a picture of my sweeties. We celebrated my husband's 30th birthday yesterday!  He is such a good daddy/husband, and we are lucky to have him!

Now- I can't wait to hear all that you have to share!

Guidelines for entering Linky Party:
1.  Link directly to your blog post, not just your blog.
2. You CAN use an older post, it just needs to be about something techy (whether for blogging or classroom advice).
3.  Have fun!

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***Updated Money Unit***

I CAN'T believe how much has changed about me in just a year. I updated my money centers, and I can officially say that I think the last pack was ugly. :) I can be honest with myself.

Guess what?  If you purchased the last pack, you can go download it again with all the changes!

If you want to get it for the first time, it is on sale today and tomorrow!

 I am so lucky to have talented friends who like Social Studies and can prepare my week for me :)

Check out these fantastic President's Day units:


Have a fantastic week friends!


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Five for Friday

I missed Wordless Wednesday and Thoughtful Thursday :)... So thank goodness Kasey has this Five for Friday!!! Good- glad you approve. I love a good alliteration.

Valentine's Day is in the air!  Nash and I have been practicing writing his name AND I have been prepping my Vday Centers :) 

My class worked really hard on graphing this week.  We also concluded a Mem Fox author study!  Koala Lou is definitely one of my favorite books, but my kids would tell you- I have hundreds of favorite books!

Sorry for the blurriness- but too good not to share!  My adorable first graders made the FRONT page of the newspaper for all their fabulous work with the ipads!  I am so proud of them!

Today we celebrated a month of fantastic reading with our sleeping bags, favorite books, and comfy clothes!  
Love my sweet girls!

Today I downloaded McGraw Hill's Beat the Computer for (FREE) two oober smart boys!  They LOVED the challenge

Tomorrow I am surprising my husband with a mini-get-away for his 30th birthday!  I can't wait!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

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Techy Teacher Tuesday: Graphing

Please use my image- that's right- grab it :)

Hi friends!  I had to take a half day because my little monkeys were running fevers and had sore throats!  No worries- they are much better, and it is back to work for me tomorrow!

I am here to share a few ways that I am addressing graphing in my classroom this week- one of course involving technology!

The app is a Little Monkey app (I LOVE their apps):

Students can create their own graphs- like the simple one I made below.  This app like many other apps that I love has a feature-- it allows students to save their graph as a picture or email it. How cool! I really get a kick out of emailing stuff we do to their parents :)  This way when we get back together as a class ) can easily assess their learning/work!

The app also has a section that allows students to answer questions about the graph. ***Sidenote- I do wish there was a "Read to me" option, but for your higher kids, this is a perfect work station or center! I also plan on using this app as a teaching tool by utilizing my apple tv to show the whole class!

Now I did not forget about those of you that don't have the good fortune of having ipads!  I have a oldie but a goodie FREE download in my store:

And if you are looking for a more extensive packet I think you should check out Sandra's graphing packet that I am using this week too!

Now- I am excited to see what you have to share this week!

Guidelines for entering Linky Party:
1.  Link directly to your blog post, not just your blog.
2. You CAN use an older post, it just needs to be about something techy (whether for blogging or classroom advice).
3.  Have fun!


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***TPT Super Sale***

I was asked by some sweet, sweet friends to join in on advertising for the BIG sale.

I would hate for you to not hear about it!

In addition to my February Stuff...

I have lots of non-seasonal stuff you should check out!

I will be busy loading my cart today, but I will be back soon to show you what I bought :)


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