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Techy Teacher Tuesday: Place Value

 Steal my graphic- please, do it!

Pink Eye.  Flu-like Symptoms.  Fevers.  YUCK.

All these things have invaded my home this week, and I want them all to go away!  I caved and got a sub for tomorrow as we are all fighting the yuckiness.  Thank goodness I had my Busy Teacher to grab from :) - tired/sick momma means not so hot plans!

Sorry- back to the real point of the post, Techy Teacher Tuesday!

We have been working very hard on Place Value in my room (if you download my preview from my Busy Teacher you can snag an addition with tens printable).

I love when I can find an app that directly aligns to what I am teaching you.

 I have another great Little Monkeys App for you (promise- I am in no way asked to promote them- I just love their apps)!  This one is actually called Place Value.  

Things I like about this app:
1.  Differentiation- 3 different levels of numbers depending on your students' abilities.
2.  The Teaching Tool- I can direct instruction and kids can pull up the blocks to match the number I say.
3.  Camera/Email- students can capture their work in the gallery to prove their understanding.
4.  The Australian/British Accent- pure enjoyment.

The second app is called Montessori Numbers.  My kids are both Montessori kids and I am extremely impressed by how they teach numbers even at the age of 3.  My Nash talks about 2 digit numbers in terms of tens and ones and it makes my heart smile!  I thought I would share a video of this app to help convince you of its greatness!

For you non-ipad teachers, I have a Representing Numbers freebie in my store that you might want to check out...

Before I retire to the couch (remember I am sick!), I wanted to share a picture of my sweeties. We celebrated my husband's 30th birthday yesterday!  He is such a good daddy/husband, and we are lucky to have him!

Now- I can't wait to hear all that you have to share!

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  2. Feel better Katie! I love the little monkey apps. I have the tens frame app! I will definitely be downloading this one tomorrow!

    Ms. Emma's Edventure

    PS... little techy malfunction above:)

  3. This is a great post and it is so fun to see all of the other ideas! I love the place value app! I hope that you feel better soon (it is no fun to be sick!)

    Learning to the Core

  4. You are sick AND you posted? You are one amazing lady, sweet Katie. Hoping you get some peace, quiet and rest tomorrow! Hugs - Lisa

  5. Katie was just wondering how your ipads are managed through school? Do you have control/ability of the apps that go on or does your school use a volume purchasing account? We are slowly getting into the process of trying to implement ipads and are trying to work out the "bugs" if you want to call it that. Any insight would be greatly appreciated :0)

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