January 2017 - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Tennis Top It!

One of my students' favorite games ever is Top-It! This game has always been one of my store's best sellers, but I have to admit I would cringe when it would sell because it was so ugly! Ha!  Well that all changed because today she got a MAJOR facelift! 

I am super excited about this part of the update.  There is an instructions/prep page for the teachers and then there is a Student Instructions page.

The Educlips graphics are perfect and I love the card game style learning!

I also have a recording sheet, but this is a completely optional aspect to the game. 

You can find it in my store by clicking on any of the images!  Have a great weekend y'all!


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Lots of Penguins and a Freebie!

Hey guys! One of my favorite animals to teach about to kids is definitely penguins.  They are so fascinating and definitely break out of the mold of what kids envision when they think of "birds." 

Before I jump into some more "meaty" stuff, here is a flashback to SIX YEARS ago when I was teaching in Kentucky!  I made this really fun hallway display for the whole first grade.  We used it to show off a reading challenge that our kids did to get us through the LONG month of January.  I know the picture quality was horrible but I am loved this display too much not to show y'all.  I won't even tell you how long those penguins took me to make!

Here's a close up of my sweet penguin!

I also spent HOURS one evening making little black rocks look like penguins with a paint pen.  Goodness, what I would do for that kind of energy again :)

I did have the energy to put together this little freebie for you though!  If you are doing Penguin research, it will work just perfectly for you!

Amy and I finished up a new Special Edition of Rooted in Reading called Penguin Palooza! I just LOVE the two books that we used,  Penguin Problems and Flight School.  They are so funny and have amazing illustrations! 

See what I mean? So cute!  If you would like to purchase the books off Amazon, here are affiliate links to do so:


And finally here is a look at the unit that Amy and I put together!


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