20+ Spooky Halloween Books - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

20+ Spooky Halloween Books

WHY These books?!?! 

1. Pick a Pumpkin- for the beautiful illustrations, diverse characters, and rhythmic style. Click here for Pick a Pumpkin Resources

2. Skulls!  -This smart, funny story helps to dispel any fears that kids might have about skeletons and change their point of view of skulls from scary to fascinating and cool. 

3. Stumpkin - Clear pictures and simple text about a stemless pumpkin who has big dreams of becoming a Jack-O-Lantern. 

4. Crankenstein - for the hilarious, intense frustrations, and moody outbursts that will make your readers laugh out loud both adults and kids! Click here for Crankenstein Resources. 

5. Bonaparte- The sweetest book with amazing illustrations highlighting the significance of great friends, problem solving, and overcoming fears. Click here for Bonaparte Resources

6. Too Many Pumpkins- A humorous light hearted read that's not your typical Halloween book! It's a heartwarming book about generosity, frugality, and community. 

7. Big Pumpkin - A great plot based on a Russian fairy tale, with rhythmic text, and amazing illustrations! Click here for Big Pumpkin Resources

8. Pumpkin Soup- Beautiful illustrations and carefully crafted text make this book just pure enjoyment from the beginning to the end.  Click here for Pumpkin Soup Resources

9. How To Make Friends With a Ghost- Amazing illustrations and a carefully crafted message about friendship and accepting people for who they are on the inside! 

10. Picnic at Mudsock Meadow- A magical ghost story which will keep you laughing throughout the entire book, with beautifully crafted illustrations. Click here for Picnic at Mudsock Meadow Resources

11. Stellaluna- A classic book for children about recognizing the importance of being yourself.  Click here for Stelaluna Resources

12. Creepy Carrots!-An adorable, humorous short picture book for kids of all ages! Click here for Creepy Carrots Resources

13. Room on the Broom- A light witty story with rhythmic text and fun illustrations.  Click here for Room on the Broom Resources

14. If Your Monster Won't Go To Bed- Incorporates alliteration and word play in a funny discourse amongst the characters all while trying to get an unruly monster to bed! Click here for If Your Monster Won't Go To Bed Resources

15. Substitute Creacher-  A funny cautionary tale told in rhyme with cartoon-like illustrations that are colorful and will entice all readers. Click here for Substitute Creacher Resources

16. Creature Features- Great informational text packed with cool facts and visuals on where certain animals live, what they eat, and why they look the way they do! Click here for Creature Features Resources

17. Quit Calling Me A Monster!- Beautiful illustrations and a funny picture book that speaks eloquently to how stereotyping and labels can make others feel. 

18. How to Catch a Monster- The rhyming text flows well with bright illustrations that will keep you laughing throughout the story. 

19. D is for Drool-A whimsical alphabet book that is playful, creative, and a very fun read!  Click here for D is for Drool Resources

I Need My Monster- Gorgeous illustrations, fun whimsical storytelling which will create infectious laughter throughout.  Click here for I Need My Monster Resources

How I Met My Monster- The Prequel to I Need My Monster, with the same gorgeous illustrations and funny perspective on the monster under the bed.  Click here for How I Met My Monster Resources

Hey, That's My Monster!- Another fun and creative book in the I Need My Monster series that will keep you laughing with the perfect balance of giggles and shivers. 

20. The Spider and the Fly- A cautionary tale from the 1800s with stunning illustrations. A perfect skill to drill home several ELA skills from an in-depth look at setting to rhythm/rhyme or even drawing conclusions.

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