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Weather Ideas

We had a 3 day week- yes  you hate me.  But this didn't really give us much time to move on to Native Americans and Thanksgiving so we decided to take our weather unit a little further. 

We used Erica's unit on hurricanes to really focus in on Hurricane Sandy. 

They really connected to the real life pictures in Erica's narrative. Not only is it a wonderful unit, but it is for a great cause. Erica is donating all the proceeds to the town in which she teaches to help in the cleanup! 

Today we read this wonderful Sylvan Dell book:

My kids really got it! How cool to think we can a. learn from animals b. make connections from their behavior to ours!
Click on the picture to get the document.

I didn't have time to prepare these this sad because they are fabulous, but we will have to circle back to clouds in the spring with the weather is nicer!  We used these cloud frames to really focus on the formation of the clouds and  identify them! 

I still get emails about my cloud frame about once a week! I posted about this idea here.

Here is another freebie to use for evaporation:

I hope you got some useful ideas! I PROMISE I will be back tomorrow with Thanksgiving units!

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