Spring has definitely Sprung - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Spring has definitely Sprung

One of our vocabulary words this week is seasonal. What is more seasonal to Spring than life cycles! Well we have life cycles out the wazoo in First Grade! One of my students brought in some tadpoles from her pond!

I have Robin eggs in my bedroom window!

And our chick eggs are starting to hatch!!!!

Here is the form I plan on using for my kids to make observations about our frogs... if you would like to download!

How do you study life cycles??? Please share through comments or links! I am always looking to learn from you all!


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  1. How exciting to watch all 3 of those lifecycles! We do butterflies in our class, and I have done tadpoles before too!

  2. We do ladybugs in my room, and I try to do tadpoles too, but haven't found any yet this year. The ladybug land from insect lore is great!

    Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper


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