Post Spring Break Anxiety - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Post Spring Break Anxiety

I have officially begun the trek back home to the Bluegrass state. I am stopped in Aiken, SC visiting my grandparents, but tomorrow will be full of driving, snacks, potty breaks, snacks, and anything else that will keep my 2-year-old and 3-year-old happy on the LONG drive home--without my husband. So here is my list of concerns going into the week after Spring Break:

1. How many of my kids went 10 straight days without picking up a book?
2. Will we act like wild animals throughout most of the day?
3. Which one of my kids will act like money is a word used on another planet (the unit I taught the two weeks before Spring Break!)
4. Will I be able to get my kids ready for our PTO "Spotlight on Me" night in 4 days (yes...four days after Spring Break)?
5. How many times on Monday will I wish I was still on the beach reading a good book and watching my kids splash in the water???

Now- your turn! What are your anxieties returning from a much deserved break to a classroom full of kiddos! OH- and keep an eye out- I will have my very FIRST giveaway very soon!

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  1. Well I've been on spring break this week too, but I have been stuck in the Bluegrass state the whole time! I have some of the same anxieties you have! I dread Monday!

  2. I'm dreading Monday too! And I'm super jealous... I've been stuck in Michigan where it has rained and been in the 40's for 10 straight days.

  3. I'm dreading Monday, also! This week has been SO nice! I have the same anxieties, particularly the one about not picking up a book for a week. I also wonder how many stayed up way too late and will be falling asleep on their tables Monday morning.

  4. We had our spring break the week of St. Patrick's day so it's a distant memory already. We are gearing up for our state testing the next 2 weeks which means keeping 36 1st graders quiet with no centers or recess while it's quiet campus. My co-teacher is going to be pulled to assist with the testing in other grades. I hope you have a safe trip back and a good Monday!


  5. The first day back from spring break was wonderful. I thought my kids had been replaced. Unfortunately they were back to their chatty selves by week's end. It was a nice couple of days though!

  6. My Spring break is still a week away, but I am already planning to begin some new things after break. I like to put a new, exciting positive behavior system in place after break. Most years I have the kids earn pennies. They can use their pennies to buy toppings at our end-of-the-year ice cream party. I post a "menu" of toppings and prices. The most popular toppings cost more. I love the chance to reward the kids for GOOD behavior during a time of year when we are all getting antsy for summer.

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