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Last Minute Ideas for Easter Eggs

If you are anything like me-- you grabbed a bag of eggs when you were at the store and got really excited about coming up with ideas and then--life hit. Between dinner, laundry, and other normal day life stuff, I hadn't gotten around to coming up with centers or games to do with my eggs. And they are some darn cute eggs too-
1. First idea- Cut up sentences and put them in an egg. Have students unscramble the sentences and record them on the sheet below.

2. When I saw these guys,I just couldn't resist. We have spent so much time talking about creative adjectives that I am sure my kids can come up with something good. If you can't find eggs with faces on them, try drawing goofy faces on their shells! Use the sheet below to record the creative writing!

3. My last idea is for a review Math center. I used some adorable buggy eggs and filled them with a set amount of coins. I numbered the eggs so the students can check their answers against the answer key independently.

Quick run to your nearest Dollar Tree, Target, or Big Lots and snatch up those eggs!


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  1. Katie,
    Such great ideas for those adorable eggs. I'll have to get out to the store to a few up. Thanks for the inspiration.

  2. Where did you get the eggs with the faces (dollar tree)? I love the idea and we have been learning about word choice. It's perfect!

  3. Thanks Claire! Lauren- I got them at Big Lots (I hope they have one where you live!)

  4. Thank you so much for the great ideas!!
    There are a couple other ideas for eggs on my new blog if interested!



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