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Chicks and Giveaway!

Meet the cutest graphic organizers I have ever made! We began our unit on the chicken life cycle today. We also have eggs hatching in my teaching partner's room- at least we hope they hatch in about a week! Here is what we will use to organize our New Learning-- isn't he a doll!!
During one of their Centers today, my students wrote facts that they knew about chickens on cute little chick post-its I found.

Then we sorted their facts based on whether they were accurate or not... we only had one "cracked thinking!" Kids were already talking about the embryo and the yolk! Yay! Check in soon for more chick action. Also don't forget to comment here: Meet the Planets to enter my giveaway with Sarah Cooley!


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  1. In my first grade classroom, we do a unit on things that hatch from eggs! My kids are always excited to learn about animals that do hatch from eggs!

  2. those are seriously the cutest things ever!!


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