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Easter Paper and Chicks

Looking for some cute Easter paper...

On another note... just in time for Easter- we hatched two of our eggs today. All 80 first graders watched the first chick pull his head out of the egg together! We were trying to quiet our kids down and squealing at the same time we were so excited--- Truly my best teaching moment to date!
Here are two of our chickies below!

If you ever get the chance to incubate chicken eggs--take it!

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  1. Cute chicks! ;) I just wanted to say thank you again for my book. I received it today and I cannot wait to share it with my class! We've already talked about the solar system, did MANY projects, and learned about each planet- so I will be very excited to see what planet will be their favorite! :)

  2. We also hatched chicks and were lucky enough to have 23 out of 24 hatch. The kids just love it.
    Enjoy them.


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