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Pirates, Chickens, and One more day for a giveaway

First- Don't forget to sign up for my giveaway with Sarah Cooley HERE!!!

So when I started doing this blogging thing, I wasn't convinced on buying units, but after seeing the high-quality stuff that many teachers are putting out there, I just couldn't resist. We are using Babbling Abby's Pirate Unit this week and my kids are having a ball! We went on our treasure hunt today for -ar words around the school building.. which we loved!!! Don't worry they did get chocolate bars after they found all the words! I can't wait to use the rest of the unit! Here are a couple finds from Spring Break that I am using with the unit as well.

Here is an adorable finger puppet pirate that I got at a teacher store on Spring Break... yes he is lying in a bed of chocolate bars :) My kids will retell the story full of -ar words tomorrow during Centers using this little guy.
I already had this book, but it was a fun read-aloud for after lunch to go along with our theme.

I also found these little post-its and will have my kids use these during Independent Reading to record -ar words that they find in their books. Isn't greatto find ways to keep them from running up with their finds!!

To switch gears a little bit... as I said yesterday we are also studying the chicken life cycle. We love to do non-fiction and fiction books together for our science topics to inundate our kids with as much information as we can. I used this adorable book today for my Reading Mini-lesson. Although it is so stinkin' cute, it is also packed with teachable moments for comparing and contrasting owls with chickens. Here is the printable we used during Centers after we read.


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  1. Hi- Sounds like a lot of fun!! Wanted to add one more bit of info since I see your book. Teachers clubhouse (dot) com offers an emergency sub plan based off of the book you have above. It has worksheets that would get a sub through the day. I have that book and 1 copy in my sub tub in case there is ever a time that I am suddenly out and can't leave other sub plans. Even if you don't want to use it for sub plans, you could still use it after reading the book. Everything at that site does cost a little bit of money but I love the items I have paid for.


  2. Oh, your little pirate guy is so cute!!! I love it! I need to buy that unit myself for when I teach /ar/ again!

  3. Ohh good to know Beth! Sarah- my kids have had a ball and I know they will NEVER forget the -ar sound!

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