Penguins - Queen of the First Grade Jungle


I am trying to get together a science unit on penguins for the week of 1/17 and I need ideas! I see tons of cute ideas for literacy centers which I will also incorporate, but I also need meatier things for science. I did happen upon this website which I can't wait to get my kids on during computer lab, but I need suggestions from all you wonderful bloggers! 

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  1. Hi Katie!
    I have done a few activities with and about penguins in my first grade classroom. We take a Google Earth "field trip" to the areas where penguins live and talk about the different habitats they can live in. We do a venn diagram comparing them to another bird (usually chickens). There are some nice, short videos on the Discovery Education website. Do you have access to that? Also, World Book Kids online and National Geographic Kids online have some nice resources. Here's a good one:

    Good luck! :)

  2. Thank you Laural Beth! I LOVE the google earth idea. I will post once I have it all together!

  3. Hi Katie
    I also do a penguin unit in January. I use the book 365 Penguins to start a math investigation. I use it to help my students develop problem solving skills. We do a lot of measuring with nonstandard units and compare it to our penguin height. This year my students built a life size penguin. They measured the height, drew it free hand, and painted it. The pictures are on my blog if you are interested in seeing them.

    I also loved Deanna Jump's unit on Teacher's Pay Teachers. I did the blubber experiment and it turned out really well. My class has also been watching Penguins in California. If you go to my blog you will see a link to Live Penguins. At lunch we get to listen to the scientists answer questions from kids or swim around in the water. Hope this helps with some ideas, maybe for next year.

  4. It might be too late for this but go on my blog and I have a little science book on penguins you might like to use. I can also send you my Power Point that was all about penguins. I hope this helps you.


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