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Writing about Reading

As a way to get our kids to think more about their reading, this year our kids are writing non-stop.  Poor things can't catch a break! Last year we did a writing unit on Ezra Jack Keats and loved it.  We have decided to extend that lesson into Reading as well.  Here are three responses our kids will work on during Independent Reading/Work Time... that is IF we ever get to go back to school :(. They are for Snowy Day, Whistle for Willie, and Peter's Chair.
Ezra Jack Keats

Once again I am trying to figure out this google docs thing...

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  1. Hello! Your blog is wonderful...I love seeing all of the photos of your classroom. Your displays look so eye-catching! I just wanted to say I'm happy I saw your blog and I also have a bit of info. on Google Docs (I don't know if it will be of help or not). Thanks for sharing your wonderful room! :)

  2. Oh I LOVE your blog! I just printed off your Pledge of Allegiance earlier today. I tried using your tutorial for putting up the first page of the googledoc but I'm not even getting the download option...the top looks like a word doc when I open (even over and over) I will keep trying it! Thanks!

  3. I'm looking for a few bugs in my post. But I think I should have someone look and point out it.


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