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Filling Buckets

Last year one of my adorable first graders brought in a book to our class. Her mother wrote me a note saying that her daughter thought the book would be perfect for us!  The idea is that when you help "fill up" peoples' buckets by being nice to them, they in turn will spread the love :).

We loved the book, but I didn't do a very good job following through with the ideas... needless to say it didn't really stick. This year when I started blogging I saw on First Grade Parade.  I didn't have access to the same book, but I  was able to get a hold of How Full is your Bucket?  What I loved about this version is that it talked about how kids are sometimes mean not because they are bullies but because they are hurting inside.

So I created my own "bucket wall." So far my kids love it and it is really sticking. I actually assigned people to write to for now.  I want to make sure all my kids feel loved!  After I finished explaining the project, one of my little girls said "You mean you are letting us pass notes???"

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  1. Check this out link out. She has some great ideas.

  2. When you get to her on the Tour Our Classroom link and scroll down.

  3. I love bucket filling! I am going to use your idea of the envelopes for notes, it is much easier than having the little buckets take up space. Thank you for your idea.

  4. I just started filling buckets in my class last week and my kids love it! I keep running out of paper for them to fill buckets with! I haven't heard of "How Full is Your Bucket?" but I think I'll have to buy it now!

  5. I have tied bucket filling in with Conscious Discipline. If you have not read or heard about Conscious Discipline, then you MUST come read about it! This is my 12th year teaching and it is the most amazing thing I have ever learned and has changed my classroom in dramatic kiddos are the most encouraging and helpful little things ever (You can come read about the We Car Bag right now)

    Anyho, we fill our bucket with helpful heart(little heart beads from a craft store). At the end of the year, we will use the hearts to make a bracelet for each kiddo! Super sweet!


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