Wax Museum Picture Overload! - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Wax Museum Picture Overload!

When I saw Tracy Tegeler's Unit Animal Wax Museum, I KNEW that it would be happening in my classroom.

After you look at my pictures, promise you will go check it out for yourself! 
Okay, here goes!

We have spent the last three weeks writing Animal Research Articles using Melissa's Unit.  Seriously, I know I am still adjusting to second grade writing versus  first grade writing, but I am blown away by what my kids can do. We worked SO stinkin' hard that I wanted a way to celebrate their writing.  Insert Tracy's unit.

First we painted... I mean seriously...my kids are incredible artists.  Here is just one I snapped a picture of really quickly.

The rest really speaks for itself... check it out!

Thank goodness I had some amazing moms help us get ready before Show TIme!

We might have been a teensy bit excited!

Have you ever seen anything as cute as this kangaroo?!?!

The "Big Bad Wolf" as he referred to himself, was giving some first graders a lesson on the ins and outs of being a wolf.
The ADORABLE Blue Whale and her mom!

Precious Polar Bear!

I mean really, how creative are these kids???

All in one- Leopard, Flamingo, and Copperhead.
 And last but not least,  Lion, wolf, and Ms. Zebra!


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  1. I LOVE everything about this!!!!! So cute!

    Fun In First

  2. What a great experience for the kids! I'm sure they won't forget it.
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  3. Wowie!! The kids are too cute and really involved in their learning!! Thanks for sharing the pics.


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