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Looking for a Christmas RAK?

Blogging has blessed my life beyond belief.


New Ideas.



Almost every time I read someone's blog post I am inspired to look at things in a new way.  

Sometimes I run across a cause that makes me stop and think.

Last week I was moved by many teachers stepping up and committing random acts of kindness in memory of lives lost at Sandy Hook just one year ago.

I did a few acts like bringing coffee and breakfast to Nash and Emmie's teachers, but I really wanted to do something that felt like it mattered to me.

Yesterday when I was perusing facebook, I came across a post from a high school friend.  I hadn't talked to this girl in ten years, but something about her post really moved me.  

Here is what Brittney had to say:
 "Friends! My husband Anthony Canty teaches autistic fourth and fifth graders at a public school in Brooklyn. As you may know, Tony is passionate about the performing arts and believes that theatre, particularly improv, helps kids to develop their communication skills and provides a constructive outlet for self expression. Sadly his school does not offer any arts enrichment programs(!), so Tony is making an effort to raise money in order to bring a performing arts program to his school by the end of winter. His students could seriously benefit from such a program, so I urge you, in the spirit of this holiday season, to donate to this very worthy cause. Give the gift of the arts to these kids, who, I believe, need it most. Thank you, thank you, a hundred times over."

Well, she had me- hook, line, sinker. I donated.

Then I actually watched the video that Tony made about his project and I just knew that my small donation wasn't enough.  

So I decided to use this little ole' blog of mine help Mr. Canty and his students. 

I believe in the arts, and I believe in ALL kids.  Our job as educators is to do whatever it takes to help our students to reach their full capacity.  I am so impressed by this project, and I hope that some of my readers are moved to help too.

Please help me in my Christmas RAK.  
Let's help Mr. Canty get the funding to provide his students with Arts opportunities.  

You can visit his funding site HERE

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  1. What an awesome RAK that you are doing! I hope he meets his goal! Music is so important...especially with autistic kids. :) You got me.


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