Take me Back Tuesday: Polar Express Day AND A little FREEBIE - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Take me Back Tuesday: Polar Express Day AND A little FREEBIE

I'm linking up with the fab Hope King to bring you "Take me Back Tuesday!"
I am one of those teachers that reinvents the wheel each year because I get bored easily, but y'all I am running on EMPTY.  I am so glad to have these plans and resources from last year to get me through the last day!

Original Post on December 9th, 2012
Many of my memories growing up revolve around books. I was the kid who couldn't wait to go to the beach for a week because I could read a chapter book a day and there wasn't anything to stand in my way.

One my my favorite books to this day is The Polar Express.  I know many of you have had Polar Express days in your classroom for a long time. Well, I am jumping on board. :)

Although my day will be gobs of fun (complete with some moms delivering hot chocolate in costume), there is still learning that has to occur. So I have 3 math and 3 literacy centers/activities. 

Here is how I expect my day to go:

8:00 Kids enter with their train tickets (I think I may ask our principal to punch their tickets as the conductor).

8:10  Morning Work

8:30 Read the book

9:00 Respond to the book

 9:15 Literacy Centers and recording sheets.

 10:45 Math Whole Group

11:15 Math Centers

After lunch, recess, and specials we will come back in the room to watch the movie! I am planning on trying to do a craft too- I will let you know when my friend Stephanie gets the craft finished!

Like I always do- the unit is 20 % off today and tomorrow!

UPDATE:  I had a sweet buyer point out that one of my Spin the Words options would put you on the naughty list...OOPS!  You can snag the clean version of the spinners right here:

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  1. This is very kind of you to share. I just wanted to say thank you, I am pretty sure my first graders will love it!

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