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Sunday Catch-Up and Flash Sale

This is going to be one random post...  we have to leave for Nash's birthday party in thirty minutes, and I know my coffee will have worn off before I get back!

Speaking of which, I saw this today---

---I know I am not the only one that can't function without their cup of joe.


I say this over and over again, but I am so incredibly thankful for my time in first grade.  My RTI groups benefit from my experience AND my resources.

This week during guided reading, we used two of my word work centers from my All I Want for Christmas Pack.

On the other end of that spectrum, I began Chocolate Fever with another one of my reading groups.  We explored the meanings of words with prefixes and used Amy Lemon's Chocolate Fever Book Study to check our comprehension. You can find my prefix center in my Santa's Surprises Pack.

I spotted this ADORABLE hairdo in the of course I had to snap a picture.  The little Rudolf informed me that her mom hot-glued the pieces to bobby pins to make the whole thing work!

 I used *TONS* of printables from my December Busy Teacher  {2nd Grade} for homework, morning work, and general seat work to help get me through the second to last week before Christmas Break.

Although it is all a blur, my kids did write these Santa letters at some point in the last couple of weeks.  We used Cupcake for A Teacher's Santa craft to go with them. 

I have lots of Santa Writing Papers and other ideas in my Busy Teacher packs


 During the sale I snagged this Winter Break Challenge pack from Kate.  Kate did her student teaching at my former school in first grade and now teaches 5th at that same school.  Although she has graduated to intermediate, she hasn't lost touch with primary, and I am super excited to use this pack with my 2nd graders. 

Among all the holiday crazy, did I tell you we moved into our own townhouse?!?!? {recap if you aren't a regular reader: re moved to Charleston last July but have been staying with my parents while we wait for our house in KY to sell}.

 Tons of boxes to unpack but we are making progress!
 The best part of our new house?  The seven yr-old twins next door that Nash and Emmie have already become fast friends with!
If you have hung in there this whole post with me then you deserve a treat! I will put ALL my Christmas units on sale until MIDNIGHT tonight.

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  1. Your townhouse is adorable! I know you're thrilled to have your own space. I'm using all your busy teacher goodies, too! :)
    Just Reed!

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