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Work Front:
 If people think we can just follow the programs that are given to us....they are nuts!  We have kids all over the place.  My job as their teacher is to meet their needs.

Just a small example of my differentiation this week-

Acceleration---I have a child who is is about 2 teeny percentage points away from moving on to multiplication on Xtra Math.  I pulled out this multiplication game that I made a couple of years ago for some SUPER high flying first graders. 

Remediation-  I am working with two adorable little guys on blends.  I already have the blend posters in my room year round, but I pulled the charts out and a few of the printables to help solidify those skills!  You can find all of that in my Blends and Digraph Pack

We are up to our eyebrows in Animal Nonfiction Articles.  We are using Melissa's incredible pack to guide us.  Seriously---I cannot say enough about this pack---she is winning me major brownie points with my principal (ha- and to think my principal thinks it is my awesomeness that she is seeing). 

I will follow up over Thanksgiving break with some pictures of our finished articles!

Our Math Workstations and Literacy/Daily 5 Rotations have been from my Pilgrim Party! I LOVE using hands-on ways to have a spiral review to my curriculum.

Home Front:

Emmie is tired.

So is Mommy sweet girl, so is Mommy!

Nash got his yellow belt at Karate.  He is thrilled, and we are OH-so-proud.

Blogging Front:

The Busy Teacher's Best Friend for 2nd grade WILL be posted today! Yay!!!  I will give away three copies of it on my fanpage tonight, and I will blog about it tomorrow!

I updated my featured products on TPT.  That's my way of getting ready for Christmas :)

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  1. Awwww.....thanks for the shout out!!!!! :) Enjoy your weekend!!!!! :)

  2. I agree with you, how can we follow a pacing guide with fidelity and teach to mastery at the same time? Thanks for sharing!
    I'm Not Your Grandpa, I'm Your Teacher

  3. Love how you're accelerating your high flyers in math! I've got a couple of firsties that need some acceleration, but I'm struggling to find the time... Do you run math groups, or do you do more of a whole group math?

    Mr. First Grade

  4. Looks like a busy week! Differentiation is so important!

    The Math Maniac

  5. Couldn't agree with you more about not just following programs and saying "Oh well!" to those kiddoes that we leave behind. I love all of your differentiation!

    Fun In First


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