Black Friday 20 percent off everything!!! - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Black Friday 20 percent off everything!!!

There is another great sale looming for Monday and Tuesday, but I figured many of you would want to prep materials for Monday!

Here are some of my Wintery Products for you!

Stacey finished the Kinder version of the Busy Teacher:

Before Monday I will have one more December product posted...

Have a wonderful weekend friends!

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  1. Woooo Hoooo! .......As excited as I am for this sale, I think I just bought $40 worth of your awesome products about four days ago and now I'll have to buy another $40. Bad for me, good for you------ kidding, it is good for each of us! I LOVE your amazing products! My kids do too!
    I'm happy to buy great products and support a fellow teacher! Thanks for you hard work!!!


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