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Preparing for the Week to Come...Visual Plans

I got up extra early this morning to put together Visual Plans for this upcoming week!  I want to make sure that my kiddos get the message loud and clear that we have TONS of work to do this week---they can't mentally be on Thanksgiving Break yet!

In order to access the links to these wonderful packets, you have to click on the pictures to download a pdf,  then you will be able to follow the hyperlinks in the pdf...I think..I hope!

I start everyday with a front/back version of Kelley's Morning Work!
My school uses two different reading series: Literacy by Design and Text Talk. 

If you know me, you know I am not a program person.  I typically despise them.  I actually really like both of these series.  This week is one of my Text Talk weeks.  

I am using Melissa's FANTASTIC writing unit for our Animal Feature Articles.  I have always written All About Books with my first graders, but I am loving the transition to articles.  I can't wait to share the finished products with you.

I also have a math series, but I get to supplement with my own of course I do!  Stephanie's Thanksgiving packet it just PERFECT for my 2nd graders.  I LOVE the reading passages!

When I do Daily 5, my students have choice in every part of it.  I do ask that they complete "my" word word first, and then they may go onto any other word work that they like!  Bratty of me???

Everything in Daily 5 and Math Workstations for this upcoming week are from Pilgrim Party!

I also thought you might be interested in knowing how I do homework.

I send home a packet on Mondays and it is due back on Fridays.  My kids can choose how they practice spelling and choose what they want to read (for 40 minutes total a week), but I also give them about 5 handouts.  I view homework as a way to communicate with parents.  They need to know what I expect of their children and what better way to get that across then to watch your child do it!
PHEW!  Now I am off to enjoy some family time.  I may sneak in a little work, but it's all about them today!

I have linked up with the ah-mazing Deedee!  Go check out everyone's plans!

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  1. You did visual plans too?!!? Man, you and Dolling are on the ball!

    Miss you LOTS!



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