Sight Word Scramble - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Sight Word Scramble

I have become the queen of being creative--uncreatively.  I can find about anything I want to on the internet but have a hard time trusting my own instincts when creating games/activities.  I would say about a month ago I decided to change my tune--- the result, my first major creation.  Sight Word Scramble- I have been having my students time how many sight words they can get within a minute (just off a ring of Dolch words), but I thought they would like this game. I already had all our "wall words" for the year from a previous display with magnets on the back, so I repurposed them for Sight Word Scramble. I plan on giving my kids stopwatches and have them work as a team to see how many words they can pull to their mats within a minute (obv. they have to read the word outloud as they pull it down!).
Here is a close-up!

I will let you know how the game works out!

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  1. Love reusing items for different activities. I think this is a great idea.

    Ms. M

  2. I'm learning!! I am really bad about purging before I should :) Thank you! One of my team teachers also suggested this would be great for syllables too since the mats are numbered 1-4.

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