Snowball Fight! - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Snowball Fight!

So it's that time of year... our kids have had several weeks off of school and we need to be creative in coming up with ways to get them back into school mode. Snowball Fight!  The kids will get to color in a snowball for each book they read at home (kids who are in chapter books will fill out a snowball for each chapter).  We had four snow days the week before Christmas Vacation so I spent the better part of two days making this display.  Each first grade teacher has a penguin and a graph. The graph will fill up as the class reads more and more books! 
Here is my penguin! Notice the polka-dotted bow!
A close-up of the graph. We will celebrate the success of the snowball fight at the end of January.  We have a day called Camp Read-A-lot where the students are encouraged to bring their sleeping bags and favorite books to read with their buddies!

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  1. Awesome idea!! I'm a student teacher and I'm starting my long practicum next week. I'm doing penguins for my L.A. unit too!

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