Winter Break Project - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Winter Break Project

Amid all the crazy weather we have had this week, we were able to squeeze in a faculty meeting on Wednesday. In that meeting one of literacy coaches talked to us about a new writing plan and how technology was going to be a key component to this plan. I realized that although I have a ton of wonderful technology that assists me as a teacher, I need to do a better job of getting my students involved in these high tech activities. So what do I do when I want to learn more about something... I google it. I have haphazardly stumbled across the extensive world of teacher bloggers! Not only are the teachers blogging, but they are having their students blog too! I found one website from a teacher in Canada who has a separate page for each of her students. This find really excited me. How better to teach my students that writing is a form of communication than to have them become bloggers! So over the next couple of weeks I will try and figure out how to best make this work and then maybe I will share the web address with my students' parents :)

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