The completely random post...that ends with a SALE - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

The completely random post...that ends with a SALE

Hi friends! Be prepared for the total randomness of this post. 
Thank goodness my bestie Michelle is having a linky that is PERFECT for my random thoughts...

 I set several goals for myself this summer, and today I want to talk about two of them.

Fitness has been a big goal of mine this summer! I feel that I get in such bad habits all year with as much rushing around that I do... that my body gets the backseat.  In May I started a Beachbody challenge where I use Shakeology (LOVE) and use a video series called Chalean Extreme (Double LOVE). 
 I also am getting back into running (don't love quite yet)!
 Can I tell y'all...I actually have biceps now! Ha.  The funny thing is- I played college soccer, and I genuinely feel like I am in better shape now than I was back then! I know it is because for the first time I am actually eating right and working out right.  Hopefully one day I will feel comfortable enough to share before and after pictures with y'all. 

I really wanted to spend some time working with Nash and Emmie on school stuff.   Emmie has one more year of preschool, and Nash will be starting Kindergarten!

One of my smaller goals has been to work on getting Nash to attain to a task for longer periods of time. I know in Kindergarten this will be an important skill for him to have.  Water Colors have provided a great tool for us to do this. 

We also started good old fashioned D.E.A.R time! I ordered Nash some BOB books off of Amazon, and Emmie is reading pictures and telling herself the stories.  I also make sure that I am reading during this time!

 This morning...

....yes, bed head and all- we worked on Teeny Tiny Teacher's Kindergarten Morning Work! 

THIS version was PERFECT for Nash, and THIS version was JUST right for Emmie!  Look at that- I'm even differentiating on summer vacay :)

Please don't think I am a mean mommy who believes in all work and no play! Look at these two---
---we are thoroughly enjoying our summer!

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  1. I agree! Your kiddos are darling! We're doing some "school" stuff at my house this summer in preparations for my son entering first grade (my grade- but he won't be in my homeroom). Just picked up your summer busy teacher. Figured I had all the others I had to have that one too and it will be good for my son. Have you considered making one of these for back to school/September? I've heard good things about Shakeology; might have to give that a try.

  2. Love this post! Your kids are adorable!!! I need to start DEAR in my house!
    Thanks for sharing all these great pics!
    Crayons and Curls

  3. Aww thanks you all! Mikaela- I am working on one for August now!!! I just don't work very fast :( and if you are serious about Shakeology- email me and I can give you my gal's email address!

  4. Love that picture of Emmie's Bed Head hair! She's too cute! Thanks for sharing your fitness goals, very inspiring!

    Happy Summer!

    Across the Hall in 2nd Grade

  5. I stocked up on a few things! Being new to 1st grade (after teaching K-5th GT) has me feeling like a brand new teacher (aka clueless!) :)

    1. Daliene- are you Hello Adventure?? If so- email me- I have a surprise for you!

  6. I'll look into those shakes. And what app did you say that was to log your running? I'm not a runner but I'd like to walk more.

    Oh those poor kids, #TeacherKidProblem lol j/k

    You Might Be a First Grader….

    1. Brenda- the app I am using for running is Runkeeper- it's great and free!

    2. MapMyRun and/or MapMyFitness is also another great fitness app! Way to go with the fitness! I've been TRYING to run and bike and eat more fruit and veggie smoothies, but I'm finding with summer graduate classes it's almost as hard as during the school year! Ack! Inspiration needed!!! :)

  7. Wonderful pictures. Nash and Emmie are precious. Keep up the good work.

  8. Mrs. King (Katie),
    Your kids need to model for The Gap! They are so precious. I mean can a kid wake up any cuter than Emmie? Those eyes!!! Have a great week!

    P.S You seem like such an AWESOME mommy!!


  9. We do school stuff all summer long :) Your children are adorable!!!! I need to look into the shakes! I'm doing the 250 Squat Challenge and NEED arm help BIG TIME!!!

    Literacy Without Worksheets

  10. I can never get over how adorable your children are!!! I'm so glad you are having a nice summer with those cuties :)

    Congrats on all the workout success, that is awesome Katie!

  11. Hehehehe....running...not liking so much. I am SO with you! BUT, you are still doing it, which is HUGE!!!

    Your kiddos are so beautiful it kinda takes my breath away.

    Hugs - Lisa
    Growing Firsties

  12. Super fun post! :) Totally loving how you're prepping the kiddos over the summer...the running and shakes? Not so much! :) LOL! :) So glad that you're inspired to do it though...I probably need to get on that myself! :) I am TOTALLY followin' you on blog lovin' because...well, I'm just lovin' your blog! :)

    Mrs.Russell's Room
    First Grade

  13. Your kids are darling! Your summer looks wonderful!

  14. I love reading your posts ... I did the 30 day squat challenge and now I'm going to do the same with lunges. Shakeology sounds interesting - do they taste good?

    Anxious to hear where you'll land this year. Not sure if I can survice without your 1st grade blog.

    Enjoy the summer with your precious little ones!

    1. Jenni- yes! I mix mine with all kinds of fruit, orange juice, and spinach leaves! Delish- if you have questions here is my coach's email address:

  15. I bought Chalean Extreme 2 weeks ago and have done it only a couple of times - even though I enjoy it I feel like I'm not getting the most out of it because my weights aren't heavy enough. I did buy some more, but I'm still not fatigued by the end of the 12 reps. Sigh. I think she's right when she says that we underestimate what we can do! I'm also doing the Brazilian Butt Workout and! I'm callopsed by the end of it! Feels great!

    We can't get Shakeology in Australia and I've been umming and ahhing about ordering it from overseas. Now that I 'know' someone who has tried it, I think I might!

    Down Under Teacher

    1. If you are interested Kylie- here is my coach's email address: She is the best!

  16. I am totally trying to be healthy too!! and i'm keeping the kiddos reading--20 minutes a day isn't so bad :)
    have a great 4th of july!
    Tales of a First Grade Teacher

  17. You are not a those kids Popsicles and differentiating on the same day. What the heck girl? I would say you are super Mom. I found your post over at Sunday Smorgasboard!
    I Dream of First Grade

  18. Are those shakes good? I really need to get busy. I'm such a slacker right now. Thanks for linking up. Love you and can't wait to see ya! :)

  19. Yeah to big numbers on FB! I am just starting to get back into running again. Sp much harder after a baby! Best of luck, Katie!

    The Applicious Teacher

  20. Looks like a fun summer! I need to find out more about bloglovin

    The Math Maniac

  21. I need you to come teach Joelle this summer... please! I just want to sit by the pool and do NOTHING!


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