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Poetry Part 2, Derby Winners, and Run for the Roses Updates

I hope you got to read my last post where I showed off my students' poems, but if you didn't CLICK HERE

I need to mention two TPT products that helped me immensely with my students and their poems. I found Amanda's Coffeehouse unit 2 years ago and fell in love!  I begged Susan to put together this Poetry packet because I adore how Susan teaches writing. Please click on the pictures to check them out!
NOW- prepare yourself for my picture explosion!
We have always been pushed by our writing coaches to make our students' work is authentic. My students write letters, notes, stories, and poems for a purpose.   I usually like to end our units in some big way so the kids get excited and give me a little more effort.  Meet the coffeehouse:

Treats for my sweets!

Here is my spin on a "Poet Tree"  (thanks for the materials Kate).

In the hallway working out our last minute jitters and details!

Performing our Readers Theaters to add some theatrics to the night!

And last but not least- our poems.  I may or may not have teared up during a few of them. 

I hope you consider creating ways to celebrate your authors whether it be through a coffeehouse or a publishing party!  Make it BIG and MEMORABLE!  

A little housekeeping:

I updated my Run for the Roses pack and can't wait to use it with my students this week (this year's horses are included!). 

The winners from my Derby Giveaway are:

Tania and Katie Mg!  I will email you all tonight with your units!  

And last but not least- IT will be posted tonight:

If you want a chance to win it, make sure you are following me on FB!!!

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  1. I'm sure your students LOVED it!!!!!!!!!! It looks like so much fun!

  2. I am so hoping I am 'the' lucky Tania :)
    My Second Sense

  3. We are in the midst of poetry right now! It always amazes me at what they write!

  4. What a wonderful way to celebrate your little authors!

    The Littlest Scholars


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