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Final Digraphs Mini-Unit Posted and Spring Break!

I finished something over Spring Break!  I put together this unit filled with games, posters, and handouts for you (and me!) to use with your students. 
I just LOVE how it all came together!  I will be using the posters and word family posters during my small group instruction.  My lower reading group will be getting a huge heapping of this unit for a couple of weeks or until we can get that final sound/spelling down!  I will be playing a few of the whole class games as a way to get my class moving and review a skill that we haven't seen in a little while!
On sale 4/4/13!
 I'm not a workaholic- I promise, but I did want to get this unit put together over the break! It has been pretty chilly still in Charleston so the beach has been pretty much out of the question :(
They LOVE the beach so much we  still snuck in some time.
Here is a picture of my monkeys all dressed up for Easter Mass.  We had to leave my husband at home to work :(
Since the beach hasn't been a great option, we have spent a lot of time playing at parks and riding bikes. We will have to wait for beach time this summer! 
I will be heading to meet up with some blogging friends this weekend! I can't wait to tell you who they are, but for now it is a secret! For those of you in school this week, I hope you are hanging in there! If you are on Spring Break like me, I hope you are drinking up every.last.minute.
Lots of love!

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  1. Your unit looks great. However, love the pictures of your kiddos. They are adorable. Have a nice break. Mine was last week so off to teach I go.

  2. such cute kids! Hope you got some rest too!

  3. Your pack looks amazing!
    And your kids are the cutest!!!

  4. I put your pack on my wishlist...I just love all your stuff, but I think digraphs will be especially helpful to review. PS. You have adorable kids! I love the way your little one is looking at her big brother! :)


  5. Seriously! They are SO stinkin' cute!! Love the digraph pack, too! Fabulous as always!!
    Rowdy in Room 300

  6. I can never get over how beyond adorable your kids are!! And the same goes for your packets! :)

  7. They are the cutest kids ever!!!! Your pack is FABULOUS!!!

    My (Not So) Elementary Life


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