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Back in the swing of things!

On Friday I snagged Mrs. Hope King {love her}

....and we drove to ATL to meet some fantastic friends.  

Do I even need to introduce them?
Okay, Okay- twist my arm!

Kathleen- Growing Kinders
Megan and Kim- Kinder Gals

These women have been SUCH an inspiration to me, and I am so lucky to be able to call them my friends!

Minus my MASSIVE migraine on Saturday, boo- we had a blast.  We went out to eat, lounged, and shopped!  We even went to a group favorite- Francesca's! 
Don't make fun of me- not really a selfie girl, but I wanted a picture of my new necklace!  
ps-  I am on Instagram (queenof1stjungle).

After a wonderful weekend, I had to rush back- I mean crawl back to reality....miles and miles and miles of traffic.
Anyone else sit in the Knoxville traffic with me?!?!

I am kinds of crazy this week because not only is Mr. King out of town- but Nash and Emmie are in full blown after school activity mode.  Woah- this mommy is working it overtime.   
Nash had his first soccer game today <little man scored 2 goals!>  I admit I got a little teary-eyed watching him because soccer was such a big part of my life for 18 years, and I am so excited to share this passion with him!

Watching him play, reminded  me about my Sporty Kids centers. I decided to change out a few fonts and updated the packet on TPT.  If you already bought the unit, go re-download it!  If you are interested, I will put the packet on sale today and tomorrow!

Enjoy friends!

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  1. Gorgeous necklace! Where is it from?? :)

  2. Love the sports theme. Sounds like a great weekend! Good luck getting though your busy week.

    The Math Maniac

  3. LOVE the necklace. Your little man is adorable and that pack looks amazing! I NEED sports related things for my kiddos - they'll go nuts for them.

  4. Headed to re-download the pack now! I just love this pack, it's seriously one of my favorites! And I am a necklace addict. I seriously LOVE Francesca's! Isn't it the greatest!?

    Polka Dots, Checks and Stripes

  5. Oh Franchescas! Love that place!



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