Sunday Safari: Erin Sample - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Sunday Safari: Erin Sample

Welcome friends!  I hope you are ready for another round of Sunday Safari- take a break from shopping and hang out for a minute :)  I found Erin when I purchased her monthly math journal prompts. I can't wait for you to read what she has to say!

Hi Everyone! I'm Erin from Sample's Superstars.
I am so excited to guest blog on Queen of the First Grade Jungle. Katie asked me to share some of the ideas you can find on my blog. I hope you gain some ideas you can use and I've got a few freebies too! I am very involved in Arts Integration at my school and love to post ideas so other teachers can learn to integrate these strategies. I have a few posts about integrating dance and drama into my lessons and post videos so teachers can "see" these strategies in action. I plan to post many more of these videos this year. I also have posts about incorporating visual art to write poetry or opinion pieces. If you're interested in any of these posts, click on the links above.

I also like to share ideas that are practical for teachers to implement that will improve instruction. My most popular idea has been my August-June Calendar Journals.

These are a couple more of my units that not only have cute activites but ideas/ lessons to strengthen instruction.

I also have the goal of sharing lots of freebies. Teachers need to be able to work together to make our lives easier! Other blogs have done this for me and want to pay it forward. Here are a few of the freebies I have on Google Docs and Teachers Pay Teachers. I am having trouble linking pictures for some reason so click on the links to download these freebies.

                                                  CAFE signs
Class Rules Signs ( editable)
Making Ten Cards
Where are we sign
I have many more freebies in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. So check it out!

Just recently I posted all about the bear activities we completed the first three days of school. I have all the activites available for free in one file! Click here for the post and here for the freebies!

I hope you'll come visit my blog for many more ideas and freebies. Click "Follow Me" to make sure you stay updated!
Thank you, Katie for featuring me on your blog. I really appreciate it!

Now you can head to our stores and SHOP,SHOP,SHOP!

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