Numbers 0 to 20 Math Activities - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Numbers 0 to 20 Math Activities

I want to start Math Work Stations this week.

Want being the key word :)  I came up with this packet to help me out. 

Do you remember my Number Detectives?
I even made a 3-5 version!

Well there are a few activities in here inspired by that document- more like beginning of the year first grade or Kinder versions.

Here is a preview of some of the activities!

I am already busy printing here!
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They are on sale today and tomorrow for 20% off! Happy Sunday friends!
P.S. If you are a FB follower- I will be giving away 3 copies tonight!

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  1. Like, like, like! Keeping my fingers crossed!


  2. Just posted about this! :)

    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

  3. This packet seriously rocks my socks! I am using the Number Detective worksheets on Tuesday!!! Can't wait. Great job (as usual), Katie!

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  4. Katie,

    Thank you SO MUCH for the opportunity to win:) This packet is FABULOUS!! I posted about you tonight at

    Thanks again!!
    The Resourceful Apple

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