Guest Blogger #5: At Home In First - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Guest Blogger #5: At Home In First

Last but not least in our week of bloggers is my dear friend and blogger newbie Ali! Her adorable new blog is linked below...
Helllllllo blogland! I am SO excited to start blogging! I have followed so many people across cyberspace and have stolen/borrowed various ideas to use in my classroom that I simply adore- I can’t wait to share a few of my own with you! So… let me tell you a little about me and what to look forward to with At Home in First… My name is Ali Arnspiger (arn-spy-ger), recently changed from Ali Sorrels a few weeks ago! (It’s definitely going to take my kiddos a while to get used to the new name!) I married my best friend and love of my life in May! We have been together since high school and look forward to our new, married lives together. We have a dog, Max, who we adore and we introduced puppy #2 to our home this week! Although my blog will not be about dogs…be on the lookout for pics, I can’t help myself…they’re presh! ;)
I am 25 and am passionate about teaching/literacy, kindness, friendship and hard work. My undergrad is in elementary education and I have my masters as a Reading and Writing Specialist (K-12). I am obsessed with… following teaching blogs, re-doing thrift store furniture/décor, organizing and contagious teachers! Nothing is better than being around a positive teacher with undying energy for his/her job. See picture below for a sneak peak of my classroom welcome sign/thrift store frame make-over…it’s still in the works!

I am entering my fourth year of teaching…man, time flies! My first two years I taught first grade, and last year my principal asked me to move up to fourth, so I did. Fourth grade was different, lots I loved and definitely some things I missed about primary. Needless to say, I am moving back to first grade this year- I’M SO EXCITED!

 First grade gives me energy, excitement and simply a feeling of where I belong. I am VERY thankful that I taught fourth grade last year as it helped me to better see where my little firsties are headed long term! It also helped me to better understand the pressures of testing and how we ALL are SO important in preparing our students for the testing years! It starts in Kindergarten and EVERY person along the way has a HUGE impact. (I look forward to taking part in more vertical teaming this year- I say it’s a must!) 

This year I am re-doing a lot and I hope to share the changes in my classroom and new ideas in my blog! I have changed my color scheme, to gray, yellow and blue…I can’t wait to show you my great finds that I am using in my room this year! (A few teacher pals and I went to IKEA over spring break and went a little crazy…!) I plan on re-organizing all of my teacher “stuff”, labeling my activities/games and simply feeling more purposeful about EVERYTHING in my room! 

 GOAL OF THE YEAR: Everything in my classroom (paper, books, binders, markers, activities, manipulatives… EVERYTHING) will have a place and purpose. Thank you to Jena Snowden (1st Grade with Miss Snowden) for the beautiful blog design! Jena was very helpful and patient with my changes along the way! You’re wonderful! Thank you, also, to Katie King (Queen of the First Grade Jungle) for persuading me to get started and showing me the ropes of blogland! Katie and I went to college together and her children were in my wedding this May! Love her to pieces! Thanks Katie- watch out though, I guarantee questions will continue to come your way. ;) Thanks for reading! I am just so excited about this blog and even more excited about being back, at home, in first! Stayed tuned…

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  1. So nice to meet you! Welcome to bloggy world! Happy that I caught your post on Katie's blog. Congratulations on the marriage. CUTE welcome sign and the dog IS adorable! :-)

  2. Ali, it is very nice to meet you. I am a teacher and a HUGE doggie lover. I just fell in love with Max and puppy #2. I have a Max, too! :)

    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  3. What kind of dog is your second dog?

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