Guest Blogger #3: Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Guest Blogger #3: Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas

I have finally tweaked my "student work" website/blog where I want it! 
I am using this separate blog address Mrs. Smith's Classroom to be a place where my students and their family & friends can come to see their work & class photos. It stays separate from my blog spot, Fern Smith's Classroom Ideas, but I also have parents who follow me there too!
Once the parents and students get to the classroom blog, I use the "labels" feature to put their initials with each post. 
So if it is a picture of two girls, I put both of their initials in the "labels" for that post.
  If it is a story they've written, it will only have one set of initials. 
Then using the labels gadget in the Design Page, I 
can have a link to the page with each of their labels!
The Internet sees this as a page displaying all of the posts containing each label, but to the Internet User, it looks like a page designed for just that child! So when they click on KP, they will see there son, K***n's work and pictures!
They ♥love♥ it!
MB's "Web Page" with all her links and pictures!
 I also have a letter I send home explaining my policy to the parents and getting parental permission to use their child's work & photo, the parents ♥love♥ it too!

I'm currently the 3rd grade team leader, Teacher of the Year and blog addict!
I love new followers, come check out my blog and see what you think!

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