Freebie and Quick Update - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

Freebie and Quick Update

The first two days of school have been fantastic! Like the kind of fantastic that makes you think that the wheels are going to fall off at any second because no teacher gets it this good--do they? All 24 showed up looking adorable, only one with tears, and very enthusiastic. Every last school supply accounted for and every kid safely making it home. Despite having the dream team of a class, (I know-very premature) I am SO exhausted. In fact- I don't think exhausted really even comes close to describing how I feel. My husband works out of town (if we are lucky he comes home every other weekend in his busy season-summer) and my two-year old and three-year old have to be dropped off at two different places before I get to school at 7:30... thank goodness I have a HUGE pot of coffee ready bright and early. I don't mean to whine--- but that is what you all are here for right? Support! Okay since you listened to me vent, here is a little math freebie that my kids really enjoyed today! M&M Math. Can anyone guide me to a tutorial on how to insert a pic from google docs in the new version? Happy Almost Friday!


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  1. Congrats on your great start to your new year! The first week is ALWAYS exhausting. Reward yourself tomorrow night with a big glass of wine on the couch in your pj's!

    Rowdy in First Grade

  2. Oh how fun! Thank you for this! I'll be using it my first week with my 1st/2nd grade class! :)

    Hang in there...I like Jennifer's suggestion of a nice glass of wine tomorrow night!

    Mrs. Lopac Teaches...

  3. Yeah for 2 successful days! Sounds like a great class! Thanks for the freebie, as well! VERY appreciated! I, too, LOVE my coffee! Whether it really helps, or it's just mental, sure makes me feel better with a cup of it in my hand!
    Counting with Coffee


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