B2S Units and Pictures Galore - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

B2S Units and Pictures Galore

Welcome back to Christmas in July 2016 :) 

Today's sale focuses on all things Back to School.  You will find Rooted in Reading (August and September), my Superhero Students unit, all three of my Busy Teachers, my Helper Cards and my Ready or Not Centers (for both first and second grade) on SALE today only!

In this blog post I will try to highlight a couple of these units!

Just in case you are wanting to get a head start on your Reading plans for the school year, Amy and I have August and September ready to go!!!  The rest of the units will be on sale tomorrow in case you are wondering! And yes, that includes the bundle!

For the last three years, my students and I have loved using my Superhero Students unit.  I tried rounding up a few pictures to show you, but believe it or not they are few and far between!  Apparently when I get excited, like on the first day of school, I am really bad at taking pictures!

Here are my kids last year working on getting to know each other.  I used a Kagan structure of Stand up Hand up Pair up to help the kids move around the room and learn a little bit about their classmates!

Setting the mood for your first week back is so important and SO much more than just a packet of printable!  Here are a few decor options to help you set the tone for your first week! My families have loved my door and hallway display.  The red door was last year and the blue was two years ago.

This is the display I had up outside my classroom by our makeshift bulletin board.  I LOVED this display and it made a great spot for those paparazzi moms to take photos of their kids!

 Something else I did my last three years of teaching was have a classroom binder!  I know many of you know about binder systems.  My students took the binder back and forth from home every day.  I will have five sections: Our Classroom, Spelling, Homework, Math, and Reading.  Here is a picture of the cover for the binders.  I included this cover in a free resource that I will link below!

Here are my binders ready to go on the first day of school!!!

I also included these little half sheet notes to send home on the first day of school!

Click below to download!

Last but not least, here are my posters that I do with my kids.  I really, really don't like having a list of rules in my room that start with "do not" instead I like to focus on characteristics that I want my students to display!  These posters are the perfect way to do that!

You can snag all of this for four dollars only today! Click on the picture below!
If you head to my TPT store....you can snag this little paper below from downloading my preview!

Here is just a quick peek at the other units on sale today too!

My job chart we a HUGE help the last two years!

This next unit is my Back to School Centers (red will get you to the second grade ones and green to first grade): 

Here are some photos of these centers in action:

And last but not least, all three grade levels of Busy Teachers are on Sale for Back to School!

Just in case you are wondering what to expect the rest of the week! 

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