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A Peek at some ELA Units

HELLO long lost friends!! I promise I haven't disappeared completely! I have simply been trying to keep up with three CRAZY kids!  What better way to pop back in than to let you know that I am having a sale!  All this week the Blog Hoppin' girls and I are hosting a big ole' sale!


Today's deals are all about ELA!  I love, love, love second grade ELA skills. They are so much fun!  I am going to take you on a picture tour of these units used in my classroom!

My kids just adored studying homophones the last two years!!! I reached high and low for images that matched up to the word pairs that I wanted us to study (Or is it pears :) ).
  You can find the homophone craft in Amy's store as a freebie

Here is a peek at my Reading Focus Board:

We of course utilized Brain Pop Jr. and Youtube to help us with homophones as well!

Next up we have my former first graders' favorites: compound words!!! There is truly nothing a first grader likes more than pointing out compound words!  This unit gives you everything you need for whole group and small group instruction on the topic!

And the last unit I want to highlight is my Convention Camp!  I literally came up with this unit on the plane ride back from meeting with my wonderful blogging friends a couple of years ago.  They are just THAT inspiring to me!

This unit a perfect review for concepts that students should have a pretty clear grasp on coming into 2nd grade.  I know some teachers that used it also at the end of first grade to tighten up some skills before testing!

There are posters to display on bulletin boards: 

And centers and individual student printables (not pictured) for independent practice!

I hope you enjoyed catching up with me!  Here is a peek at what all there is to see this week! I will be back MUCH earlier tomorrow with lots of Back to School goodness!

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