February Rooted in Reading and Update - Queen of the First Grade Jungle

February Rooted in Reading and Update

Look at my little buddy's cheeks!  Smith is quickly approaching 8 months old, and I am pretty sure he is the best baby ever. I know, I know I am biased!

So if you follow me on instagram or Facebook you know, Amy and I were working away for weeks on Rooted in Reading!  The shot below is the face I made when I finally got to the point that I knew I was going to be finished in a few hours!  I LOVE creating these units, but they are a beast!
Here's a peek in my office as well!  Instead of having a formal sitting room, we decided to make this space my office!  In our last two living spaces, I didn't have an office and my teaching/blogging stuff TOOK.OVER.THE.HOUSE.

Just to give you an idea of how I work (which is completely different than Amy by the way). I am the type that has to jump in the pool and stay in there. Do you know what I mean?  I can't get into a book and work a little bit, walk away, do some stuff, and go back.  If I am going to work, I am going to need like 5 solid hours at least!

So that being said, here is February Rooted in Reading!!! 

I am really excited to add this vocabulary game to our repertoire! I always love doing fun ways to practice our words in my room, so I am happy to have found a way to turn it into a game!

Here's is a sneak at some of the anchor charts included in this unit. I love, love making charts that the kids are involved in as well, but I have very limited wall space in my room so these are small enough they can stay up for reference!

The last couple of units we have really bumped up our expectations for asking students to analyze portions of the texts.  Isn't it amazing how much our kids mature through the year?

And last but definitely not least, aren't these art projects AH-MAZING! My kids get so excited about doing these, and I love the writing results that I get from them! 

If you want to snatch up our unit, just click on one of the pictures! It is on SALE for the rest of the night!!

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  1. Makes me wish I teach 2nd grade!!
    Your baby is a doll, those cheeks!!

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